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I wrote this poem when I was lurking around the library early this morning, it is definitely not my best, but it's worth writing it! It's called Burn.


Feeling left out and stretched out
I just can't let the rest out
Cleaning up after your mess now
How I got here, just can't guess how
Staring down a brokedown clock
Seconds and minutes come to a stop
Nothing stays and everything changes
Searching for a new place to hang this
I've lost sight of the light on the horizon
I need something new to set my eyes on
Somewhere new to write these lies on
Can't remember how to start this
Making my way out of this mist
Don't know how many signs I missed
Sinking down with my chest underground
Water fills my lungs from the undertow
I've Lost my fear of all that's below
It's just another chapter in this show
Change the channel, avert your eyes
You've hidden from me and my disguise
As I lay cursed and lost in my lies
Watching the clouds chase the sky
Inhale a deep breath and exhale a sigh
Steam escapes my lips darting upward
My mouth moves but can't speak a word
Minutes and seconds seem to be frozen
Lost in a moment, unable to hold it
It was here, I swear it's been stolen
So pardon me while I burn this frame
Set blaze to the path I've followed
I've got a desire to set the fire
Turn my back and feel the burn
Once I burned, now it's your turn
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