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And yet, another one! :'D .. I don't know what to call it, so it's untitled.

Depiction of real life riddled in fiction
Running off of the masses new addictions
We're a puzzle and peices have gone missing
Haven't moved forward, just sit reminiscing
We all live to the rythrm of the tick-tock
And we know it won't stop until we drop
Down on our knees and beg at their feet
Knowing that we've dug holes just too deep
For our crimes to ever be forgiven
What kind of lives are we livin?
For each step forward, there's three back
Cross words become daggers in our backs
We stagger on in no particular direction
I no longer recognize my own reflection
Dreams and hopes, a deadly infection
Leading us astray into the smoke
We're here so close yet so alone
Somethings amiss in the dark morning mist
It must've been a sign that we missed
There is no light to lead the way
We'll still continue on, day by day
Just passing through, we can't ever stay
Footprints fade, and memories decay
Fueled by memories of brighter times
Waiting to find the right signs
Our eyes are weary and hearts are heavy
A perfect line, tired feet walk so steady
A force so strong, upon the horizon
They will sing our song when we are gone
Whence we've found for what we've longed
For even when it's done, time still ticks on
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