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I wrote this yesterday while waiting for my Math class to end, XD


I'm a mess that once was a man
with no one left to understand
I've been a fool for the few
And a flaw for the masses
I've been looking at life
Through dark colored glasses

Long forgotten memories and dreams
Used to keep me from falling apart
They've been discarded and shattered
For now I lay here in tatters
As the fire begins to consume me
Arising from the ashes, a new me

Just open up and let it flow
I've been lost but in control
Wandering through a deceitful snow
I have feelings I'll never show
Living life with a gaping hole
A walking shell with no soul
Picking up pieces to make me whole

The falling snow covers my tracks
As if to tell me I won't come back
The road home is long and cold
Night goes on and clouds roll in
Losing my way, the stars go dim
This is how I pay for my life of sin
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