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    How to change the Font

    1. Includes....
    - Preface
    - Tools and Knowledge
    - Guidance
    - Offsets for other Roms
    - Conclusion

    2. Preface
    I´m Hackrex, a German Hacker. At first I want to apolgize because my English is terrible. Okay a long question was (i have posed me this a longt time) how can I change the font in Pokémon Roms. I have searched it with TileMolester but never find it until now. So here you can see my new solution and how to change it.

    3. Tools and Knowledge

    This is what you need:
    - Visual Boy Advance or other Emulators
    - TileMolester or other good TileViewers
    - a new Font
    - Knowledge with your TileViewer
    - A Brain xD (you must look correctly that you make no mistakes with the letters)

    4. Guidance
    How has thought it? We beginn with opening TileMolester (In the pics you see the German Firered Rom-->Feuerrot, the Firered Offsets are nearly the same)

    Ok now we open the Rom!

    And now we have to change the mode from 4bpp to 2bpp

    It has to look like this:

    Now we navigate to 2122D8 (Firered have an other, nearby Offset)

    Ok there you have the font for the Oak Intro.

    You have to export this and open it in paint or something else.
    Ok you must flip it horizontal because its wrong. But never forgot after you finished your drawing to flip it back.

    Ok on the left side was the lower part of the letter and on the other, right side the higher part.
    Here to show that every normal letter is there. (Special letters you can find when you go some rows back)

    My finished drawing on the right side (I have flipped it back to "normal")

    Insert it

    And now you can see it in the Oak Intro

    For the Ingame Letters we have to navigate to 2225F0

    There we can insert the same picture

    Ingame does it look ....

    Now we are finished!

    5. Offsets for other Roms
    For Feuerrot:
    1F5DF0, 201FF0, 212308, 222620
    For Firered:
    1F5DF0, 201FF0, 212308, 222620
    For Smaragd:
    647194, 63F714 and 64fb14
    For Emerald:
    636900, 62e670 and 63ea70
    For Esmeralda (I think, I am not sure if this is the real name):
    630ba4, 640fa4 and 638da4
    For Blattgrün:

    For LeafGreen:
    1F5F9C, 20219C, 2124B4, or 2227CC (different for Help Menu, Intro, Ingame, etc.)
    For Rubin:

    For Ruby:

    For Saphir:

    For Sapphire:

    Temporarily no other Offsets available because I don´t have the time to search it. But I hope YOU can help me.

    6. Conclusion
    This Tutorial is Copyright © by Hackrex. You aren´t allowed to post it everywhere. You have to ask for permission if you want to post this tutorial anywhere. For using my Font in a Rom you have to give Credits!
    Thank you droomph for some offsets and correcting my English. And if there are other mistakes, please tell me and I would correct it.

    Sorry for bad English, again!
    Temporarily not available
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