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    i think GF made the theme come across. i mean it was really evident in the game that opposites do really exist. they did a great job on that. *claps hands*

    I think not only Zekron and Reshiram manifested the opposite something. Even the version-exclusive pokemon are opposites. Reuniclus and Gothitelle are examples: Simply by the look of Reuniclus, we can see that he is a happy guy, whereas Gothitelle is not. And Reuniclus somwhat means a "union" of something. Gothitelle on the other hand is an allegory to a separation from reality and society.

    Braviary and Mandibuzz is also an example. Braviary is a war-eagle. It shows vitality. Life. Mandibuzz on the other hand is the Pokemonification of death. Sorrow. Sickness.

    Alder is also an opposite on his own. Between want and need. As from what I understood, Alder wants to travel the whole region again. However, due to his post, he needs to go back to wherever he is (the League) to fulfill his duty.

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