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    I prefer writing whenever I am bored, words just pops out from my head like they came from nowhere. XD


    I woke up today and looked in the mirror
    What I saw lookin back at me startled me
    There's a darkness in me and it's a part of me
    Hiding from the world it's driving me berserk
    It lurks below the surface keeps building up
    til it spurts out like you hit a main artery
    But I know you'll never get the the heart of me
    I could almost swear I've seen this scene before
    And that I've walked through this very door
    Then again I've shut down all of my senses
    So this all just seems pretty senseless
    I've worn myself sore and defenseless
    By now I thought I'd walk out and forget this
    As I look upon myself so broken and lifeless
    I had dreamed life would contain twice this
    But it never lives to be half what the hype is
    And I've seen the monster that lies within
    It's scary how much I'm becoming like him
    With each passing moment darkness takes hold
    A touch replaces the cold with sweet warmth
    The light in your eyes illuminates the shallows
    Where I had thought I would drown in a reflection
    Instead they mirror my own perfect imperfection
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