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    I did notice that the cover was a different color then the Pokemon depicted on it, like Zerrah said, but I never thought of opposites as being the theme. I never picked up on that. I though the theme was more like on trickery and being decieved.

    I'm sure some people might have picked up on the theme easily, but I sure didn't. Now that I think of it though, I think they did do plenty to get the theme across, but I guess I was just too dense.

    What about the friends that you travel with- Bianca & Cheren? Bianca is clumsy, not very good at Pokemon battles, loves Pokemon- one of the only reason she is on the journey besides wanting to go out and explore the world, and has a more easy going personality with a hint of stupidity. Cheren on the other hand, is more serious, put together, smart in Pokemon strategies, potions, and battling, and already knows he wants to be strong. Kinda the opposites? Yes?? No??
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