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Well, I've yet to do the History but... here's the beginning of my SU. ^3^

Calamity Has Stricken – Nakuzami’s Sign - Up

Side: Gold Tribe
Name: Sainan Chuiseishu Arashi
Age: 19
Title: "Calamity"
Pokemon Species: Absol

For the most part Sainan looks almost the same as the average Absol. The main differences being that he has blue eyes, rather than red, and stands a bit taller than the average Absol at four feet one inch, not including the added height from his scythe. Sainan's scythe adds about eight inches to his height when it is fully extended. Sainan wears a small necklace, made of obsidian, resembling a star around his neck, although it's usually concealed beneath his fur, and he wears a small chain around the ankle of his right foreleg. Due to Sainan's father being a Zebstrika, Sainan has a single black stripe on each of his four legs, near the spikes that protrude from the backs of his legs. His tail also slightly resembles a lightningbolt.

Sainan is a rather calm person, for the most part. He's easily startled a lot of the time, but he tries not to show when he is startled. He is fairly good at keeping a sharp mind and calm demeanor, even if he does tend to panic a little from time to time. Sainan is an incredibly smart person, but he tries not to brag about it, unless he's talking to his brother, of course. He is also an excellent judge of character, a trait that he inherits from his mother, and few things present a problem to him that he cannot solve.

While Sainan doesn't really try to make many friends, he is a fairly friendly person and few people actually have a reason to dislike him. He is a slightly passive person and he will try to ignore anything or anyone that get on his nerves. However, if someone or something takes it too far, Sainan is rather strong and when he gets pissed off enough, he will fight with a strength that most people wouldn't expect from him. If he doesn't like a person or is suspicious of them, he will normally stay quiet and observe them for a while, only speaking when needed and perhaps once he comes to a conclusion about his suspicions.

Sainan was born and raised in Gold City. From a very early age his family taught and trained him for the Gold Tribe, as everyone in his family was a member, as was tradition. He wasn't quite sure what he thought about it all at first, but after he came to understand what being a part of the Gold Tribe really meant, he had few doubts about wanting to join. He would train his hardest every day, and he wanted to become as strong as the rest of his family.

While growing up, Sainan had a brother, a Zebstrika named Raishuma, or Rai for short, and a Ninetales sister named Kyusu, or Kasey. Kasey was only his half sister because, before their father met Rai and Sai's mother, Janette, he had been with a Ninetales. A few years after Kasey was born, her mother was killed, but Sainan wasn't quite sure how, and their father met Sai and Rai's mother. It wasn't long before they had Rai, and the year after that they had Sai. The three kids grew up together and were all best friends, and each would do anything for another. Sai was particularly close with Kasey, and Kasey watched out for her younger brothers, being five years older than Rai and six years older than Sai.

All three were trained by their parents, and all three became incredibly strong fighters. They looked out for each other and for others, and all three were intent on joining the Gold Tribe. When they were all old enough, they all joined and fought to protect the Alpha Alliance alongside their parents. Also when growing up, Sai preferred to keep to himself rather than trying to make friends, but he was always a likeable person so he had many friends anyways. His siblings were both rather popular, and they were part of the reason that many kids liked Sai, but he didn't really care, having friends didn't matter to him anyways.

Around the time that Sainan was seventeen, the incident with Auron and the Silver Tribe occurred, and he and his family all fought to defend the Alpha Alliance and Gold City. They fought valiantly, but it took more than a family of five to fend off the entire Silver Tribe, so they lost alongside the rest of the Gold Tribe. During the battle, Sainan's father, Ray, went missing. Despite Sainan's entire family searching for him for an entire year after the initial Silver Tribe attack on Gold City, they never found him, so he was presumed dead. This was something Sainan refused to believe at first, but over time he came to accept the fact, but he held on to the hope that his father could be alive somewhere.

After the Silver Tribe invasion, Sainan and his family, excluding his father, were forced to flee and eventually set up their home in a secluded area in the wilderness of Valkaria. Sainan and his siblings would often leave and wander about Valkaria, staying true to their duties of Gold Tribe members and also keeping up on any news about the Silver Tribe and their father. Sadly, there was never any news on the latter, but they refused to give up hope. Their family stayed in contact with the remains of the Gold Tribe, and kept themselves hidden from the Silver Tribe.

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