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    I think I left my sanity back in the second paragraph. Seriously though? I think that I need to teach myself the meaning of going overboard. Anyway, have fun reading 2000+ words SV! Also, I think that I may edit some things in this. I think my personality could be improved, and I kinda ran out of steam towards the end of the history....maybe. I don't know. Anyways, I should probably stop rambling.

    Side: Silver Tribe

    Name: Krystal

    Gender: Female

    Age: 23

    Title: Ignitus

    Pokemon Species: Flareon

    Appearance: Krystal is slightly larger than the normal sized Flareon, standing at 2’ 4’’ and weighs about 60 pounds. She also has somewhat longer fur around her neck and on her head, and it is slightly darker than a normal Flareon’s fur color. She has a burn around her left eye (see history) which leaves the left side of her face partly disfigured and blinding her in her left eye. She lets the fur on her head fall down over her face, positioning it so that it conceals the left side of her face to cover her burn. Her ears are slightly larger as well. Krystal’s eyes are a dark purple color instead of the normal black color for other Flareons. She wears a small necklace around her neck that holds a small shard of a fire stone, the stone which she used to evolve. She takes great pride in her fur and insists on having it groomed each morning before taking care of other duties. As a result, her fur is sleek and shiny. She takes extra care to looking better before torturing prisoners.

    Personality: Krystal is vain. She takes great pride in looking beautiful and insists on looking her best every day. She cares greatly what others think of her, but not mostly for beauty, but for her battle prowess. She believes in doing the best she can, while looking the best she can. She can be quite rude and sarcastic, although no one usually challenges her. She enjoys the company of others, and can’t stand to be alone for very long. She even will go to the extreme of holding a conversation with a prisoner, and she has found that a very interesting way of torture in itself. She does not enjoy seeing others in pain as much as some do, but she will go to that if there are no other options. She is also very smart. She likes to think things through before she does things, and will often stay silent when at a gathering of the other Sentinels because she thinks everything through. Krystal can also have quite the temper. When angered, she heats her body to extreme temperatures, causing intense waves of heat to wash over those around her. She usually gets angry when someone insults her about something she said or did, or how she looks.

    History: Krystal grew up as an Eevee a few miles out of Eternity City with her mother and father. They lived in a small house in a small valley by a small creek. Krystal’s whole world was small, and for a time, she knew very little of the outside world. Her parents were farmers. Her father, a Leafeon, would tend to crops in the summer, and her mother, a Glaceon, would protect the crops from snow in the winter. For years, she grew up as an only child in a small world, the seasons flying by like dust in the wind. This passage of time meant little to Krystal, who helped her father with crops in the summer, and was homeschooled in the winter by her mother. She would play in the woods and in the creek, and cared little for how she looked or what little others she saw thought about her, she only cared about the love of her parents and her joyous young life.

    The only real friend that she had was a Buizel named Derek. Derek would visit her often, his family lived a few miles up the river and he would swim down the creek so they could play together. They would play for hours on end with each other, only being called home by parents or grumbling stomachs. Krystal always dreamed of evolving into a Vaporeon so that she could play and swim in the water more like Derek, and even begged her parents to give her a water stone so that she could evolve. But her parents chided her saying that evolution was a life-changing event, and that she should wait until she was more mature to make her decision. She respected her parents and did not evolve for many years, and her life flashed by in childhood bliss. It was a simple life, but she loved it.

    But it could not last. It happened on a cold day in December. She had had played for a little while with Derek, but the days were very short and very cold, so they could not play for long. Krystal had gone home early, past the field of now harvested crops, the only thing remaining being small lumps where winter squash lay slowly growing, waiting for spring to come before becoming ready to eat. She shook the snow off her back before pushing the door open and entering the house. The fireplace was lit, and although neither of her parents liked fire, heating the house in the winter was nice. She sat with her father close to the fire for hours, drinking hot chocolate and listening to him tell her stories of long ago deeds done by heroes of the Alpha Alliance. It was not often that her father told her about the outside world, and these stories seemed unreal in her young naïve mind. Only being stories, but she enjoyed them nonetheless, stories about wars with a strange order called the Neoverse, and Dark Tournaments that happened ages ago, with long dead characters. After many hours of her father narrating adventures, he fell silent, and they watched the fire together in silence, finishing off their hot chocolate. Krystal feel asleep with epic tales and heroes names blending together in her clouded dreams, her imagination running wild. She dreamed of being beside heroes of old named Kent, and Silver, and Neptune, and Ambrosia, and many others. She dreamed of fighting battles, killing evil emperors and fighting herself in mysterious tournaments. Then she woke up to the fire.

    She awoke from her slumber to see flames dancing before her eyes. In the cloudy mix between sleep and being awake, she thought that she was staring at the fireplace. She must have fallen asleep on her father’s shoulder, and awoke to seeing the contained flames of the fireplace. Then she realized what was really happening. She shook the blankets of her bed off of her, and quickly climbed to her feet to find her small wooden house effectively ablaze. Wild flames danced before her eyes. Not the small contained flames of the fireplace, but large swooping flames that devoured all fuel in it’s path. Before she could move, the flames reached her open doorway, trapping her in her room. Not knowing what do, she yelled out to her mother and father. The smoke stung her eyes and throat, turning her voice raspy and causing tears to stream from her eyes. Then, from through the burning doorway, Krystal caught a glimpse of her mother, sweating from the intense heat. Her mother shouted out something, but through the crackling of the flames, it was impossible to make out. Then her mother tossed something to her, an instant before a crossbeam from the ceiling collapsed on top of her, burying her under burning debris. Krystal starred in horror, unable to remove her eyes from the pile of wreckage where her mother had been just a moment before. Unable to comprehend what had just happened, she stood immobilized in fear and shock, not knowing what to do next as the fire burned on in front of her. A flaming piece of wood fell from the ceiling, landing on the left side of her face, bringing her back into reality once again. She quickly picked up the object her mother had thrown her without even looking at it, and hustled under the bed, the only thing she could think to do. Then she closed her eyes, and willed the torture to be over, for her to just wake up and realize that it had all been a dream, just as it had been earlier. But it didn’t.

    Krystal awoke the next morning among the wreckage of her house. All of the wood was burnt away, and only the stone structures remained. A thick layer of ash coated everything in sight, and the ground still smoke where the remains of the fire slowly burnt themselves out. Krystal lay there, in the place where she had grown up, and wondered why she had survived. Then she realized that she had evolved, and the thing that her mother had thrown to her had been a fire stone. Her mother’s last action had been preserving Krystal’s life. Normally, she would have been happy upon evolving, but the circumstances left no joy in her. It also bothered her that she had become the essence of the very thing that had destroyed her house, her family, her life as she knew it. Krystal also realized that the chunk of burning wood that had struck her face had burned her badly, leaving an ugly scar that would remain with her for the rest of her life, as well as leaving her blind in her left eye.

    Krystal stayed with Derek’s family for a few months after the fire. Krystal hardly spoke, hardly ate, and hardly slept. She was not living, only going through the motions of living. Her life became an empty shell of what it had once been. Derek tried to cheer her up, but she just became more and more depressed. She would just sit at the window in Derek’s house, looking off into the distance, remembering the last night that she had with her parents. Krystal’s life had become empty and without any joy or motivation. Derek’s parents decided after a couple months that Krystal should live with someone in the city; maybe a change of environment would help her. For the next year and a half, she moved around various cities, living with many different other Pokémon. Life was without joy for her.

    One and a half years later, she was walking to her current foster parent’s house from getting groceries. A Hitmonchan stepped out of an alley and demanded that she give him everything that she had. She fearfully obeyed the Pokémon’s demands, and unloaded the bag she was carrying and started giving things to him. Then she jumped as she heard a voice behind her ordering her to stop. She turned around and saw a member of Gold Tribe looking at the Hitmonchan. The Hitmonchan quickly ran off, and the Gold Tribe Pokémon started to help her with her things. As she walked home from the encounter, she was reminded of the night where her father had told her the stories about Gold Tribe doing good deeds and helping other Pokémon. Within the week, she had enrolled and been accepted at the Gold Tribe Academy.

    Now Krystal had motivation in her life. Before she had no sense of purpose, but now she had something to work for. Having a goal in mind brought Krystal out of her depression, and she worked towards being a member of Gold Tribe wholeheartedly. She was an excellent student and quickly exceled. Her teachers loved how she worked with passion, but they were concerned that she did not have very many friends. She was never very social in the GTA, and one student continually harassed her, laughing at the burn scar on her face and calling her ugly. The student did not remain in the academy for very long, but the effect lasted. She became very concerned with what others thought of her. She grew out her hair on her head and let it fall over her burn mark, hiding the ugly scar from others. After a few years in the academy, when she was nineteen, she graduated and became a member of Gold Tribe.

    Her depression had almost completely left her, now that she had a purpose and something that she wanted to do with her life. She would often think that her parents would be proud of her being in Gold Tribe and helping people. She quickly rose through the ranks, and after a few years in Gold Tribe, Krystal was assigned to join a group of Pokémon being led by Auron on a journey to explore outside of the Alpha Alliance. She was excited to be on the journey, although she would miss not being with some of her friends in Gold Tribe while she was gone. Auron had liked her from the start of the journey, and promoted her to be one of the eight leaders of the expedition. Krystal did not understand why Auron had promoted her, but she was grateful and felt a sense of pride from the praise of one so high in rank. She left with the group on the journey, but did not return the same….

    Krystal was not the same after the journey. After the group returned, she became vainer and had a stronger sense of self importance. She looked down on others around her a believed that she should be ordering them around. She played a major part in some of the battles between Silver Tribe and Gold Tribe.

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