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Originally Posted by Deliciousfruit233 View Post
I have one complaint. Judging by the town map, don't you think that this region is a little too linear? It's just a gigantic loop around the map.
I guess you're right, I'll see what I can do to the right part of it (because left has been already been done and I won't change it anymore).

Beta 2 has been released !!!

Yes, I've finally finished and beta-tested Beta 2 of Dark Future and the hack should work properly. There are some minor bugs in which palette changes oddly (due to Morning, Day and Night palettes) but I didn't run into any bigger problems than that.

Anyway, Beta 2 is approximately twice the length of Beta 1, perhaps even more. Besides, there will be new major events and gym leaders to be fought.

Download Beta 2 in the first post and comment how it is when you've tested it !


Not many of you noticed it yet but Beta 2 was released today.
However, I just "received" a surprise add-on to beta 2 and that's why, I'm taking the patch out for the time being. New beta 2 (Beta 2.1 ?) will likely be released tomorrow
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