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You probably don't know me yet, unless you are one of the mods who annoys me all the time. (Seriously, I sent this thread to Beginner's Showcase and it wasn't approved, because of my past reputation alone. Mods, don't do that. It makes people miss out on a great game!)

Now, anyway, let's get to......

This game is made in RMXP, with Poccil's Essentials Kit. So far I have not much progress, but I have been working hopefully efficient.

You are a new Trainer, yeah, you get the idea.
The game starts with Oak's intro. Then you go to his lab grab your Shinx and a back door key to the lab, and POOF, there you go on your long journey through the Hyriquo Region defeating new Gyms, (PTCs) and eventually the Pokemon League. Idea gotten? Great. Now finally:


Yeah, get the idea?
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