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  • Yo
    Saw you are from The netherlands
    Good to hear that you can speak Dutch
    Ik kan ook nederlands praten :)
    I like your art you make on Divian
    Also happy to know you can speak Dutch
    Sure :) 4570-7757-8330 is my FC, I'll be 10 minutes I just need to breed/infect them :P
    How are you doing Paul? It's been quite a while, I see your game is doing fine as always. ;)
    I just deleted the exe file, thanks though! Now I can finally release my project! (Its available for download) Good luck on Pokemon Nova Luna!
    Hey dude, you know when we publish a rmxp game, we compile it using the rmxp compile data thingy? Well, how do you make it so afterwards people can't edit your game, because people can just extract it and edit the project. I just thought you'd know because you created a game before.
    I had to extract it to a separated folder, but it still resides inside the essential folder. I also try extracting it so it would be in the same folder, but no success either. :/
    I have that program, needless to say I'm experiencing an issue
    Something I lack, hmm. So, I was wondering. If you know to export a map made in rpgxp? I recently mapped something, and I'd appreciate some critique. Sorry if I'm bothering you or so, just trying to adjust to this section of the community. Thanks. :)
    I'm great man, just thinking about getting into game development or so! 'Nuff about me, how has my good buddy Paul been? :P
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