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Anti told me to post here.

Those of you were here in 2007 may remember a thing called "the legion of supremacy". When i first joined PC, it was one of the most fun ideas and things ive done. Original guy to post the thread was a guy called artful-one iirc.

Basically it entails the following;

You join and are in the lowest rank (which was 8 iirc, unless he knew you were better and placed you accordingly) and then once you win 2 or 3 matches (forgot which, but its one point per match for a win and -1 for a loss) in a row and thus 3 points you move up a rank to 7 and so on and so forth. If you lose 3 match in a row you lose a rank. Post results and challenges in the thread, give logs to the OP (back in the day we used wifi though, but this could still be used now also in addition to PO lol)

Id very much like to bring this back. What do you think ?
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