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    Update #2
    -Went back to Route 38 and Caught New team member: Meowth
    -Surfed to Cianwood City
    -Defeated Chuck to earn 5th badge
    -Got Secret Potion
    -Saw Suicune, and defeated its stalker xD
    -Surfed back to Olivine City and gave secret potion to sick ampharos
    -Defeated Jasmine to receive 6th badge
    -Went to Route 38 to receive thunder stone, and then evolved eevee into jolteon
    Current Team: Nidorino lvl 30, Fearow lvl 29, Jolteon lvl 25, Pineco lvl 26, Meowth lvl 16
    3DS FC: 2251-6429-5358

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