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Deleted your duplicate thread for you.

Anyways, these haikus are alright imo. I like the Haunter one the best, as it seemed to get its nature within the haiku pretty nicely, and after that the one of Pachirisu. I feel that 'evolves' sounds a bit off in the Ninjask/Shedninja haiku, and the middle link of skarmory's sounds a bit odd with the 'Though,' part - the comma somewhat unsettles it imo.

As for the acrostic I quite liked the tale within the 2nd half - it wasn't just about it but how it hid from a storm, and I liked the last couple of lines in particular.
Ivory coloured fur, As if it was snow
'As' doesn't need to be capitalised there.
Wind flowing in the tuff of cotton
Soft tuff of cotton almost a Pillow
'tuff of cotton' twice is too repetitive imo, so I'd look to change one of those. I don't think pillow should be capitalised either, personally.
Over long period, the ice storm subsided
Maybe 'Over a long period'?

But these were good all in all - I look forward to seeing other Pokemon poems from you. =)
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