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    Originally Posted by ExMaikel View Post
    really fun gameplay and quite different from the regular hackz.
    I'm kinda stuck before the Ice cave. I can't seem to get pass it and always
    faint in it due to the cold. Any help here ?.
    The people in Little Stone say that you need protection against cold to pass it. Woolly Hat can be received in Little Stone and I'm going to write in the spoiler what to do to get it.


    You're supposed to get Itemfinder from "Treasure Hunter" and find the "Key" for the locked gym (he tells you that the key is missing and might still be in the town). After getting the Itemfinder, go outside and use Itemfinder next to the mart and it will respond for a hidden item (which is the Key to the gym).
    Now, find the Key and go to beat the gym leader of Little Stone - she will give you Woolly Hat.

    Originally Posted by ExMaikel View Post
    Also, some little bugs I noticed :
    - you cannot approach your mother from the side-ways.
    - Sometimes the ability to talk with npc's is locked and can be retreived only when I'm the leaving the builduing I'm currently in and then re-enter.
    I don't think the upper one is a problem :\
    About the other bug, I haven't noticed this happening and it shouldn't either. Are you sure you patched the ips-file to a clean Pokemon Silver (U) rom?

    Otherwise, glad you like the hack
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