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    Alan was lying on his bed in fetal position. There were some bags with all his clothes, and all his stuff. He was definitely going away from home, but one could easily tell it was against his will. "Th-they c-c-can't do this to me..." he whispered as some tears fell down his cheek.

    "Alan!" a voice said from downstairs, "The bus is here! Come down, quick!"

    He shook his head and got up from bed. He used his blankets to wipe the tears off his face. His eyes were reddish, like right after a breakdown, but he didn't bother to cover it. His parents were going to send him away from everyone.

    "Alan. You're finally here. Now let's go, the bus isn't gonna be waiting for you here all day!" his mother said as the miserable kid went down the stairs. He looked at her, and she could see that he had been crying. "Oh, I'm sorry, honey, but you know it's for the best."

    "It's just not fair!" Alan cried, "It wasn't my fault that I'm this way!"

    "I know, Alan..." his mother said, "That was a tough time...for all of us...". She looked down. "Your father and I suffered because of the legendaries as well. But we were able to move on, but you couldn't." Alan looked down as he headed for the door. "Trust me, honey, they will help you get over your problems and move on..."

    Then she hugged him and kissed him goodbye. "I'm gonna miss you, Alan..." she said, but the boy didn't say a word and just walked out of his house. His mother was watching him as he got one step closer and closer to the bus, when, all of a sudden...

    "Whoa! What's...Help!" Alan cried as something invisible moving at high speeds took him away.

    "Alan!" his mother said. "It must be the work of those Legendaries!"


    After a while, whatever took Alan away from the bus stopped moving and became visible, revealing to be Latios. He put Alan back on the floor, and the boy stared at him in fear. "'re a l-legendary..." he said, and backed away, "L-legendaries t-tried to kill me..."

    "I won't hurt you, kid." Latios said via telepathy.

    "W-why d-d-did you take me?" Alan cried as he fell on his back, "Wh-what are you gonna do to me?"

    "Well, I-" Latios said but was interrupted by a group of people that spotted them.

    "Isn't that the legendary Pokémon Latios?"
    "I think so! Let's get him!"
    "What about the kid? He seems to be with Latios..."

    "Quick, get on my back." Latios said. "We must get out of here."
    "B-but...What about..." Alan replied timidly, in a low voice.
    "I will explain everything later. We must disappear before they get us."
    The boy hopped on Latios, realising he had no other choice but to trust the Legendary Pokémon for the time being.

    "He's definitely with Latios!"
    "He's a traitor! Let's get him as well!"

    The Latios then became invisible again and flew away from there at very high speeds.

    "Mew. Latios here. I'm on my way to the hideout. I found a kid." he said via telepathy to Mew while Alan held on to Latios tight, terribly afraid he'd fall down and die.

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