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    (OOC: No more waiting on yellow, I need to post >_<)

    Adriane and Mew got the signals from the other legendaries.

    "Everyone meet in the room C-3."Adriane said.

    Spike was already there, and Adriane was eager to see her friend again. She and Mew flew down the halls and finally into room C-3. She saw Spike and Latias. Spike had changed a resonable bit, then again so had she.

    "Hello."Adriane said."Long time no see. Its pretty horrible we've gotta meet under these circumstances. It was insane, being chased by those towns people."

    "Hi Latias."Mew said.

    Adriane wondered how long it would take for the others to get there, expecially Valorie. She didn't know the three new people, so this would be interesting.

    "This world just can't stay out of trouble can it?"Adriane said.

    Adriane remembered the entire battle they had a year ago. Dragonair evolving, her being smashed into the wall, them thinking Valorie was eatten by Rayquaza...she still had nightmares about that one.

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