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    Nora nodded as the girl told her she was the calmest "I was never afraid of the Legendaries, and I actually thought what you guys did was the right thing" she said before she was handed a device by Mew. She put it on and looked at Azelf "What is this thing?"

    Azelf smiled and waved at Mew before turning to Nora "Call out one of your Pokemon then you'll see".

    Nora nodded and grabbed one of her Pokeballs calling out Kirlia "Okay, now what" she said.

    Azelf smiled "Say something to her"

    Nora looked at her Kirlia "What do you mean?"

    Kirlia smiled and looked at Nora "Where is this place?"

    Nora froze "W-Wait I can understand pokemon now?" she said.

    "Yupp that device lets you understand pokemon" Azelf said and Nora smiled looking around.

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