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    Thanks to Darthatron who made this post, I was able to find the corresponding bytes in Ruby with some careful searching & comparing & testing.

    So anyways:

    Flareon did rather high damage for Dodrio being 7 levels ahead...

    "BUT WTF? DARK TYPE MOVES ARE SPECIAL!!!1!!11 TAIL WHIP SHOULD HAVE DONE NOTHING!!!" (for the record I did 2 Tail Whips lol)

    As you can see, Bite was special in Gen III, so Tail Whip and Dragon Dance would have had no effect on it, but that is no longer the case here, as we now have the physical/special split.

    I haven't tested every move, but I assigned each move physical/special/status according to Veekun's movedex. So post any glitches you find, hopefully there aren't any.

    Q: "Why is the font different?"
    A: Sorry, I can't stand the Ruby/Sapphire font, so a long time ago I made a patch for Ruby, the only thing it does is change the font to the Emerald font. I base all of my Ruby rom hacking stuff on that font patch, hence why my 493 Project also has the Emerald font.

    And as of this patch, we now have a physical/special split for Ruby, FireRed, and Emerald, w000! (well there isn't an actual patch for Emerald, but Darthatron already explained how XD)

    EDIT: Removed due to a serious glitch it causes to the battle system

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