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Originally Posted by XxTOOLxX View Post
Santi your random team is: Clefable, Clefairy, Ditto, Nidoking, Muk, and Evee (sorry I cant post the pictures cuz it says that you cant post URL's until after you have posted at least 15 times and I just started the PC yesterday)

Name: XxTOOLxX
Game: Crystal
Number of Pokemon: 6
Restrictions: None... Cant wait
Read the restrictions please
Number of Pokemon:6
Restrictions:NO NORMAL TYPES AND POKEMON LIKE ( MAGIKARPS...) I accept NFE pokemon no monotype

Ah yeah you have PHANPHY,SCIZOR(SCHYTHER is you cant change pokemon),mantine,
Magby,Snubull,Koofing.Get fun
mariano rajoy when he saw 5th generation pokemon