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Sorry, for short and late review...

Ah, revenge is always sweet...though Henry should be thanking the kid for giving Clefairy a major power up. Shame about all that collateral damage, though... perhaps the boys should consider alternate accommodations, as someone's gonna rat 'em out sooner or later. It would be a shame if the league's got a monopoly stronghold over traveler lodging, especially in a place as big as Hearthome. Fortunately, by the time of the events of my story, they don't have that sort of control xD

Have to agree with Michael's Pokemon, though... playing with a shiny black stone would not be my idea of entertaining.

Jerry's elaborate Gym. Paid for in part by the League's under-the-table deals with Team Galactic?

Nice Gym battle, and an interesting take on how Substitute works. And Pachirisu got in some action I see... But I have to agree that one Close Combat from Gallade would have ended the battle pretty quickly... A Gym Leader should have some preparation into taking advantage of both types if he's got a dual-type.

And yay, horrific experiments on Pikachu, which is about all the thing's good for lol

And Michael's first published work of research may be in the works! But he's got a gym battle to take care of first... and I wonder how he's going to deal with it, since he wasn't able to get an uber evolution using the Moon Stone. Time will tell... and I'll be looking forward to reading it...

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