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    Originally Posted by KoolKat vs. Lucas View Post
    I see you misunderstand. I'm not kicking back. I'm SPRITING. And you said I'm the worst mapper, otherwise I'd be mapping myself. And since you were so rude about Talc and everything, I cancelled it. My other games all have locked threads, or are WAY over 2 months old, with no updates. This is my only game now. And by the way, I'm glad you weren't as rude as you were on my other stuff.
    I am a horrible mapper, scripter, and musician. That's what's terrible. I'm doing ALOT for this game. I'm respriting all 493 Pokemon and adding Minion. THAT'S ALOT OF WORK!!!
    PS: Are you any good at mapping? Your game looks pretty cool and I only need 2 maps at the moment. Sorry if you didn't read carefully- I never do.
    Actually, I think you are misunderstanding. First of all, I NEVER said YOU were the worst mapper, I specifically said that YOUR MAPS (note this is possessive) in that game looked awful. Please do not take constructive criticism as a personal attack, because with that game, many of the mistakes you made are not difficult to fix.

    How was I rude in criticizing Talc? The game thread had flaws in terms of presentation, writing, and mapping, all of which can be fixed! The fact that you outright cancelled the project just because of one negative comment means you really need to develop a thicker skin. Again, you should not take criticism personally, you should use it to push yourself to make a better product.

    On your team recruitment, what I was trying to say was that you should be more involved with your project than just beta testing and approving stuff. Yes, I KNOW spriting is a lot of work, I'm a spriter myself, but in the end, it's still YOUR project. As a matter of fact, people DO feel turned off if they think that they're doing the bulk of the work for someone else's project. I'm speaking from experience, here. I've seen many other projects within the indie-game scene that make the same mistakes as you are, so I'm trying to correct that.

    Honestly, the fact that I'm the sole person who even gives you this harsh feedback should be something you can appreciate. I actually think YOUR IDEAS HAVE POTENTIAL, and I want you to become a better game maker.

    EDIT: for you mapping request. I'm a little preoccupied at the moment, so sorry I can't take your offer. Thanks for asking, though.