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"Be my guest."Adriane said, half laughing.

Mew flew down to Spheal.

"Thank Arceus for Spheal, she woulda never got off my head."Adriane said.

"Probably not."Mew said.

Adriane rolled her eyes. "Your something else Mew."

"What's that supposed to mean?"

"Nothing, nothing."


Adriane's phone went off, and she looked at the screen, and started 'panting'. She froze, staring at the picture of her dad. "Its dad."She said.

"Don't answer it."Glaceon said.

"But what if somethings wrong?"Adriane asked.

There was a long silence, minus the phone. Finally it stopped, but a second later he called again.

"Ok what the fudge do I do Spike!?"Adriane demanded.

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