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Sainan Chuiseishu Arashi & Penance Malum
Calamity & Defender - Gold Tribe Members
Torturehouse Interior
Ancient Freedom

As Sainan ran down the seemingly endless corridors, he heard a loud screeching sound from the area where he had just battled the Armaldo and Carracosta. Why would there be screeching? The Armaldo should still be paralyzed, and if the Carracosta had managed to get to his feet, what reason would it have to screech? Unless it was alerting more Ancients . . .

. . . That was when Penance rounded the corner and nearly ran into Sainan. "Defender?" Sainan questioned as he took a step back, "What are you doing in here? Did something go wrong?"

"Oh, well, plans sometimes tend to fail, and sometimes they tend to go disastrously wrong." Penance chuckled uneasily, "Let's just say that we need to free the others now! Vigil and Sword and Shield are holding off the Ancients, but they don't have much time. You didn't happen to come across the prison already, did you?" Penance asked hopefully.

Sainan sighed, "Sadly, not yet, but I think we're getting close." With that, Sainan turned around and began to run once more. He glanced back every few moments to make sure that Penance was keeping up, occasionally slowing down to allow the Golduck to keep pace.

The two Pokemon rounded another corner and came upon a small room at the end of the corridor. At a glance the room would seem unimportant, but upon closer inspection there was a large group of guards, and behind the guards was "The key." Sainan glanced at Penance quickly. "Let's take out the guards, grab the key, and free the prisoners."

Penance nodded eagerly, "You got it!" he whispered. Looking among the guards Penance noticed a Kabutops as he readied a Water Pulse in his hands. "At the count of three let's take them by suprise. One . . . two . . . now!" Penance threw his Water Pulse at the Kabutops and grabbed an Omastar with a Confusion attack, throwing it against the wall.

"Jiyū no tame ni! Meiyo no tame ni! Kin-zoku no tame no!*" Sainan yelled as he rushed the Ancients. There were nine in total; one of each species. Sainan leaped into the air and launched a Psycho Cut, sending three of the Pokemon stumbling backwards. However, they quickly recovered and rushed Sainan and Penance.

The Rampardos ran at them both with a Head Smash, the Kabutops attacked Penance with a Giga Drain and the Archeops flew in towards Sainan with Acrobatics. Sainan launched a Thunder attack, knocking the Archeops out of the air, but as he did so the Rampardos focused its attention on Sainan, ramming him with Head Smash with incredible force, sending the Absol flying down the corridor.

Penance staggered back from the powerful Giga Drain, but he quickly recovered and let out a Screech at the Ancients. While some reeled back from the noise, the Carracosta managed to dodge the attack before it ran right at Penance, opening its jaws wide and Crunching down hard on Penance's arm. The Golduck cried out and struck out with psychic energy, throwing his foe against the wall.

The other Ancients had managed to recover from his Screech and about half of the force headed his direction while the other half headed toward Sainan. The Kabutops readied its scythes and struck out with a Slash attack, managing to draw blood from Penance's arm. The Carracosta rolled up into a ball and began to roll right at Penance, but the Golduck managed to use Confusion to redirect the Ancient at a stone wall. The Omastar opened its mouth as white spikes flew out and began to slam into Penance. The Golduck could only hold up his arms defensively as the spikes embedded themselves into his skin. As soon as the Spike Cannon ended Penance grabbed the Omastar with another Confusion and flung him down the passage.

Sainan stood once more and ran back down the corridor, readying his claws as the Cradily, Aerodactyl, Rampardos, Bastiodon, and Archeops all rushed towards him. The Armaldo was out of sight, but after a moment Sainan looked up and noticed something rather odd that should have been painfully obvious. The Armaldo had its claws dug into the ceiling, holding itself up right above Penance as it readied an attack.

"Defender, look up and defend yourself!" Sainan yelled as he slashed at the five Ancients before him with Night Slash. They were stunned for less than a second before they all rushed Sainan and bombarded him with a flurry of attacks. Sainan managed to leap out of the carnage, but not before he received a few gashes in various places. He had leaped towards the wall, before he turned, placed his feet on the wall and used the momentum from his initial jump to launch himself over the Ancients. As he did so, he loosed a wicked blast of Thunder.

Penance looked up as he saw Sainan high up in the air, unleashing a huge blast of lightning in different directions. There was no doubt that if that blast hit him he would be out like a light. The Golduck barely dodged a bolt that nearly hit him, and as he fell to the ground he saw the Ancients get shocked the powerful attack.

All the Ancients, save the Cradily, cried out as the Thunder attack struck them and Penance could only watch, awestruck, as each Ancient fell to the floor with a loud thud, leaving only the Cradily, Rampardos, and Bastiodon standing. The Cradily was the only one out of the three that looked like it could still survive a few more attacks. Grinning, Penance formed two Water Pulses in each hand and threw them at the Rampardos and the Bastiodon. That was the last straw for the two as they soon joined their allies on the ground, leaving only the Cradily standing.

"Time to end this," Sainan growled as he ran at the Cradily, his claws poised to shred the Pokemon to bits with the extra power from the Swords Dances that the Absol had previously performed. He leaped at the Cradily with a Night Slash while Penance held it in place with a Confusion. Sainan slashed at the Cradily wildly, and in a moment it was sprawled acrossed the ground, along with the other eight Ancients.

"Now that that's over," Sainan walked over and retrieved the key. A moment later, the Absol and Golduck had disappeared down the hall in search of the prison cells. It only took a few more moments before the noise - and the smell - of the prisoners became apparent. Sainan sniffed the air for a moment before he began to lead Penance down a series of passages.

In no time at all, the two were entering an area filled with prison cells. After a brief moment to take in the scene, Sainan was running around and unlocking cells. It wasn't long before they were all open, and while Sainan was incredibly glad that he had just freed all these prisoners, he was extremely disappointed . . . his father was not among them. He cursed at himself silently; he should not have gotten his hope up.

"Defender, we have to go rejoin the others," Sainan stated as the freed Pokemon congregated in the corridor. "Everyone, we have to get going, immediately. It shouldn't be long before the rest of the Silver Tribe hears about our little jailbreak." Sainan sounded deadly serious as he addressed the others. He glanced at Penance once more, and in a flash all of the Pokemon were weaving through the halls, right out of the torturehouse and into daylight.

That's when Sainan noticed the sentinels. "Crap," the Absol muttered, a lack of better things to say.

((OOC: "For freedom! For honor! For the Gold Tribe!*" Or . . . at least, that's what it's supposed to be. Blame Google Translate, lol.))

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