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This thread is up for archival purposes. If you want to see my most recent project, Pokémon Cobalt, click me.


The Essence. A mysterious, multicoloured gas that provides energy to each and every organism on the face of Fos. Without it, the entire Colour species would go extinct. However, when the people of Fos began to abuse the Essence, they slowly, unknowingly, began to kill themselves. When all looked dire, a wizard, it is said, descended from the skies, shrouded in a cloak of mystery, and trapped the Essence inside all; unable to be removed, unable to be abused. This ensured the longevity of the species.

The security of the Essence, however, was threatened when a seemingly innocuous scientist invented a machine able to extract the Essence from the Colour people and be used to make an indestructible material, aptly named Indestructite. While the scientist did not invent the extractor out of malice, once the machine fell into the hands of a group of beings known as The Painters, everything went wrong. People began to lose their Essence overnight, and, slowly, in the darkness, a new empire was being formed.

On the other side of the world, Monokid and the villagers of Kyanos Village lead a simple life. Almost everyone were farmers, and not much happened. Except one night, The Painters paid the peaceful village a visit. They raided the village of their gold, their livestock, and of their Essence. Monokid was the healthiest. Monokid was the bravest. Monokid had to save his people. You are Monokid. You play as the hero. You play as the one who must save your family, who must save Kyanos Village, and who must save Fos. A dangerous world full of adventure and peril awaits. Are you ready? Then go!


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