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I refuse to play it because they put LC Pokemon on the main page for BW which makes using the site for OU a pain >_<

Actually, I think that it's just what others have said: they're at level 5, and it's a much different dynamic than learning how to play the same game but with different Pokemon.

Also, it just kind of *feels* like a gimmick. Having level 5, unevolved Pokemon is kind of like fighting only with your left ring finger. It just seems like a very odd limit that serves no real purpose other than to have a new tier. I know this doesn't actually affect the fun or playability of the games in LC, but I guess what comes to mind is "why not play NU?" Arbitrarily limiting Pokemon doesn't appeal to me.

Lastly, I think the fact that its player base is pretty low already contributes to the fact that it's pretty much on the backburner. Naturally, you want to play where others are playing because you'll have more--and probably better--competition. In other words, it's the same reason that good athletes in the U.S. play basketball and football, not *insert obscure sport* yeah.