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Penance Malum

Penance was still breathing hard when the General let out a huge Hyper Beam which slammed into Scar. "Hold onto me!" He heard the Gallade shout as he disappeared with three soldiers. "We may not get another chance! To the forest!" he heard the General shout. Penance groaned, that Gallade hadn't heard the General and the Gallade had no idea where Liberty Town was! Wherever he deposited those soldiers they would be alone in the forest and if the Gallade got captured again or even got back to them safely then they would remain lost in the forest until they would get picked up by the ancients once more. Someone had to get them back to Liberty Town!

As the soldiers ran to the opening Penance was torn between running as well to staying for the Gallade when the psychic reappeared in his spot. "Calamity I'll meet you all back at Liberty Town later!" he shouted as he ran and grabbed the Gallade. "Teleport us to those soldiers right now!" He shouted. There was no time for pleasentries. If the Gallade didn't focus in enough time then the ancients and the two sentinels would be on them in a blink of an eye, and judging on how quickly Scar recovered from that Hyper Beam they were only a few seconds from death. These soldiers would have at least three gold tribe members watching over them, it was only fair that these four soldiers have at least one to guard them. Penance was confident, he knew how to get to Liberty Town and he could tell the Gallade enough to be able to teleport the group there, or so he hoped.