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    Hi everybody, for the past month I have been coming up with the idea for these new games. I will be using RPG Maker XP with Pokemon Essentials. I always loved shiny and shadow pokemon and they are the inspiration for these games.


    The game takes place in a brand new region I already created called Izishu. Izishu is filled with pokemon from all previous regions excluding black/white. I may add some fakemons if I can find some people to help with spriting. (not my strongpoint) Izishu features a large gulf, a volcano, a large open desert, two large forests, a large mountain called Mt. Silverset, and a large ice filled cave. Every town has very much in it so there is much to do even if the map looks plain at the time. The towns include (In order of discovery):

    Riverwood Town- Hometown with pokemon lab
    Newera Town- Small town just north of Riverwood
    Volcno Town- A town located right next to the volcano (Mt. Pyrus)
    Rockmellow Town- A small town right next to Mt. SIlverset
    Ethernal - A large area filled with shops and apartments
    Mosswood Village- A large village in the middle of a small rain forest with native indians
    Riverside Town- A town floating on boards home to a small ISA Base (Bad guy team)
    Splitsoul Town- A large town without a gym featuring the path to victory road and a large tower rumored to be filled with spirits
    Desertia- A town located in the desert
    Ice Cap City- A snow filled city in the north east corner of the region featuring a temple dedicated to an ancient pokemon
    Aquatown- A town located on a small island in the gulf
    Dragoon Town- A medium sized town with a cave filled with dragon types
    Pokemon League- Obvious

    ISA Base
    Mt. Silverset
    Alpha Cave
    Icy Way
    Jungle Temple
    Victory Road
    Mt. Pyrus
    Underwater Sanctuary
    Scale Cave
    Mt. Silverset Peak


    1st gym:Etherna City, air type, Leader Winda, Wing Badge
    2nd gym: Volcno Town, fire type, Leader Blaze, Lava Badge
    3rd gym:Rockmellow Town, rock type, Leader Colden, Rubble Badge
    4th gym: Mosswood Village, grass type, Leader Tipia, Forest Badge
    5th gym: Riverside Town, water type, Leader Cindy, Wave Badge
    6th gym: Desertia, ground/ghost type, Leader Euro, Fossil Badge
    7th gym: Ice Cap City, ice type, Leader Glace, Crystal Badge
    8th gym: Dragoon Town, dragon type, Leader Scalon, Claw Badge

    Elite 4:
    Bug- Web
    Electric- jolk/jolkey
    Dark- mesmere
    Steel- silvere


    Heroes: Yet unnamed and unmade

    Professor Oak: Yes the original professor returns one last time

    Ben: Champion with a special liking of Eevee

    Rival: Roy is your friend from town who picks a pokemon with you

    Starters: (Some of my favorites) Trapinch, Beldum, and Larvitar

    The ISA: Izishu Special Agents, the government of Izishu. They have been keeping secrets from the people and control almost everything. They experiment on pokemon to make them stronger for their personal use. Their goal is to take over the entire region.

    The Story

    You start as a teenager who has lived in Riverwood Town his/her whole life. You are bored and want to explore the region.

    The game starts with your player watching the news on the tv. You quickly learn that the ISA have been experimenting on a pokemon, but it escaped. You also hear depending on the game that either mysterious darkness and shadows or heat and bright light have been spreading from Mt. Silverset. With the troubles of Izishu in mind, you walk downstairs with the intention of sneaking over to your friend Roy's house. Your mom catches you at the door and scolds you for trying to sneak out. She gives you your poketch and tells you that the old professor was looking for you. She warns you to behave and lets you leave.

    You walk into the professor's lab to find Roy already there. Professor Oak explains who he is and that he is getting old and wants to help young trainers one more time. He gives you each a pokemon and your rival storms out. The professor yells after him but it is too late. After explaining to you that he wanted each of you to take a pokedex he gives you a package with your friends pokedex to deliver.

    If you check Roy's house his mom tells you to try visiting Route 6 at the edge of town. You find Roy looking over a small pond and he is startled to see you. He thanks you for the pokedex and suggests that you battle to try your new pokemon. After the fight (assuming you win) he goes off blabbing about having a great adventure and you return to Professor Oak. He tells you to explore the region and learn new things about pokemon. Your mom lets you give with your new running shoes and your adventure has begun.

    You soon run into some ISA agents trying to take Roy's pokedex. You battle them and win, but are surprised at their strange pokemon. Right after the battle the champion comes in and makes the agents leave. He says he is impressed with you gives you an eevee egg and says you should bring your findings to the professor. Oak tells you that depending on the version the ISA were using shadow pokemon/ shiny extra strong pokemon.

    You continue on your journey battling your rival, collecting badges, and learning more about the ISA. It eventually leads us to a final battle on Mt. Silverset against the boss with you guessed it Shadow Lugia/ Shiny Ho-oh.

    Please let me know what you think I have been putting ideas together for a long time and I think it is pretty good. I don't intend on making new pokemon, but if you are interested in helping and are good at spriting please post and i will contact you.

    Team so far:
    Me- Map making, ideas, eventing, a little scripting
    Rescuecp- Map making, eventing, help here and there

    Spriters needed!!!
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