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Originally Posted by The 100 Mega Shock View Post
People's speculation on "what x Pokémon would look like if it was made in the year y" besides, the first game were made for a system that could only display sprites with four shades of grey and a total size of about half those in Black and White - let alone the increasingly detailed 3D representations in Pokédex 3D or the console games.

Of course they have more room to include further detail and a greater range of colours in designs now.
I really agree with this one. If the tiny details of never generations would be implemented in older games (let's say the first generation), many of those details would go lost since the resolution of the games is not quite what it was now. If I remember correctly, Yellow could be played on GBC and would show Charizard in Orange and Venusaur in Green. Completely in one colour with white highlights. Venusaur has more detail like that (pink, yellow, white, blue green, green, etc etc), but the GB at that time was only capable of implementing a so much detail. Original Pokémon were designed to fit in the original GB games, with simple colour schemes. Gradually when the generations passed, the first generation got more detail spritewise.... but can you imagine the complaints when the 1st gen would be completely "updated" to the new system?

I love the 5th generation, and I'm kind of glad the Pokémon are getting more detail in their designs. See it as an evolving artist: from stick figures to realism. the Stick figures get fleshed out, but will always retain something of what made them those stick figures, otherwise they won't be representative of those original stick figures anymore. If that makes sense.

Pokémon is evolving, but it'll always be Pokémon. There's just something in the style that sets Pokémon appart from other monster series.

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