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    I hate deserts with their stupid sandstorms This idea actually sounds pretty good I think. I have nothing against overaverage strong starters, but in this case I wonder how they are supposed to be considered as equal (as one starter is effective against one and weak against the other one). Tyranitar and Metagross could defeat each other in one turn, but Flygon doesn't really have a weakness against one of them, has even two immunities (compared to the other two, who only have one each). So my point is, if you were to choose Flygon, what would Roy choose then and why?

    The rest seems appropriate, but what do you think about that: Wouldn't the ISA want to catch Oak and force him do built another Pokédex, because they seem to want one? Could add some good drama, especially if you rescue him and then he's dead because of age and stress.
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