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As some may have noticed, for some days there's a teammate mentioned in my sig. The person in question is a friend of mine from RL, he's not registered here yet. Together we thought through some points, so here is an bigger update:

For now, the player will play Brook. The questionable girls we concentrate on will be Misty and May. (If you want someone else, feel free to help us.) Probably we will base the game more on the Pokémon Adventure Manga than on the actual anime series. Nevertheless for now we will use character images from the Anime for vectorizing, since there we have colours already and it's easier to work with. The appereance doesn't differ much anyway.
There will be different milestones for the relationship with the girls, but they are not necessary lineary. You may also stuck in a dead end if you overdo it.

The background story is that we have the WORLD championship in Pokémon fights, possible with a parallel world championship in Pokémon contest. It will be on an island (or maybe two) so we don't get much distraction. Because of this the game will be extendable to no end :D Since it's such ab big tournament, it won't be handled in one day or one week, but about 30 days.
I don't really care much about timeline problems with the canon, because durr, it's a sim date. But we will look out, nothing too dumb happens. The best would probably be to place it after the canon timeline. So, yes, of course all characters are 18 or older :P
Yet I think we will take our freedom about the character design. I want GenI Misty ._.

We will probably use a Transit Map, but tend to overworld. So you have your map (we already have something special in mind) and click to your main location, e.g. a park or the beach, and will directly go there. But when you're inside buildings or running through a forest or dungeon or something you will click from screen to screen (possible without going back to the overworld map).

Currently we have 4 stats in mind:
Attack, Defense, … Strength(/Endurance), Skills, Charisma/Charm and Intelligence. The range will be from 0 to 50. A "normal" start value would be 10 so far. Strength will affect your HP. With a value of 10, you will have 100, with a value of 50 it would be 250. Charisma will influence the relationship points you get, with value 10 you will get the usual amount. I plan to have some charisma conditions for the girls, so charisma doesn't get the least important stat like in so much other Sim Dates. Skills and Intelligence will be important too, but we don't have the relevance yet.
There probably won't be jobs who only concentrate one one stat, and the jobs will be Pokémon related (of course).

Changing your location may cost energy, will probably depend on the difficulty you choose. There won't be day- or night-time as such, everything will depend on your current HP.

We still want teammates who would be ready to "create" a girl of their choice. Technically one image is enough and more can be added later. So I would tend to say Character Writers are a bit more important, because it's much. We would appreciate your help!
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