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Hello there! This here is the Quick Battle Thread, your go-to place if you ever want to try out a new team of yours or just have an urge to battle. Simply request a battle and include your preferred rules (or standard rules). From there, you may talk through private messages for discussing the battle and swapping Friend Codes. As usual, feel free to ask Wolflare or Anti any questions you might have. Have fun guys.

— Battle Frontier partner requests and gen. four IV battles can be asked for here.
The rest of the rules still apply, however.

— What tier, rules, and generation?
Be sure to post what tier (it doesn't have to be a Smogon tier though) and generation (BW, DPPt/HGSS, or PBR) you want the battle to be in, as well any additional rules. Or you can simply state you're following the standard rules for convenience.

— Please handle all communication outside of this thread.
Discussion regarding your battle is considered off-topic and will be deleted. This thread is for battle requests, and nothing else. Private/visitor messages, instant messengers, and so on are useful for swapping Friend Codes and the like.

— You may ask for Pokémon Online battles here.
Still, it's generally best to simply challenge someone on the server. Also, every generation (RBY, GSC, RSE, DPPt, and BW) is available on Pokémon Online.