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    Originally Posted by Whistle A Tune View Post
    Your sigs are awesome! My request...well I'm not sure how well it might turn out or if you'll be able to work well with it since it's a very 2D, simple cartoon (Adventure Time), so I'm including several graphic options but let me know if you can't work with them! Heads up, I don't know where to find graphics so I just googled them, so most of them already have backgrounds :/

    Image URL: 1.)http://

    Which ever is easiest for you and will look the best.

    Signature Size(ex - 450x150): It doesn't really matter- banner sized? Lol

    Text: (optional) It's Adventure Time! OR Adventure Time!

    SubText: (optional): Nehh

    Text Font (Name or Download Link): I mean it doesn't really matter again, whatever looks the best.

    Which example do you want me to work from?: They all look awesome, idk D:

    Anything Extra?: (Optional: Yes or No): No

    Sorry for being so indecisive and again sorry if the graphics won't work!

    Haha, this one was a fun one to make. I gave it a Adventure Time look to it, also added Finn's sword under the text to make it look a little how the logo's text is. Hope you enjoy, and if it's not too much credit me somewhere in your sig

    Signature Shop? I got one of those.