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  • Yay I'm glad to hear, if you end up visiting Sydney for work you have to hit me up OK :'D

    I'm good too! Been working a ton but it's school break so at least after work, I get to do something fun. Always surreal looking back on these VMs and realising how much time has passed hahah
    Dipu I missed you on Discord today!!! How have you been? I hope everything has been amazing on your end <3
    Oh man, I would have loved to say hello. Guess same energy as when I was in NY two years ago.
    Which places did you visit? I'm getting some experience being a tour guide just from touring people around (last year, Omicron and Kaori visited before everything started burning).
    Heey it's been a while, good thing you recognised me! I did visit Rika and had a great time with them lol, wish I could travel again. I need to go back to the US northeast next time I have a chance.
    I hope so too, thanks Dipu <3 How did the Bali and Singapore trip go in the end?
    Make the most of it! Free food like that is too good to pass up on. As long as work also covers any medical expenses associated with eating a whole buffet everyday, you're good to go.

    It sounds like you're going to be up to a lot on your trip :D Surfing and diving sound really cool, let me know how it goes! And Henna tattoos are beautiful. Also that's exciting that your friends are visiting too, hope it's a memorable and safe trip.

    Going to NYC, Washington DC then Las Vegas before we head off to the Grand Canyon. I think at one stage we'll be in Canada for Niagra Falls too. And lastly a day or so in San Francisco! I'm really excited for it :) I graduate in September but final exams aren't over till early November so it's a bit of a way away.
    Hehe see d:

    Oh wow Ramadan again. I hope you are holding up alright!

    I'm doing well :) Went is coming here to visit me this week in Sweden, it's going to be fun!
    I've been good, aside from coming to a halt with my career choices. As much as I want to work in IT, I feel that the certifications and schooling are really stressful beyond what I can handle.

    How about you? :o Are you still in the NYC area?
    Oo Singapore and Bali sound really fun, I hope you have a great time! Even though it's partially for work, I hope you get to spend a lot of time relaxing. Any ideas of what sort of things you want to try or do in either place? Singaporean food is to die for. <3

    Lots of exams coming up + uni applications which is not the most fun but am going to see Vivid today which is like Sydney's huge annual light show! Right now I'm really just trying to get through school (have fun) and also look forward to the two holidays at the end of the year to Melbourne and the US. :D
    Hi Dipu!!! I can't believe how long its been :o I'm doing well, am now (slightly) older and going to be done with high school in a few months which is both a little nervewracking but exciting! I hope you're doing great too :D What have you been up to since we last spoke?
    Thanks! It is interesting :3 I'm sort of glad I could escape the pure chemistry world.

    What are you up to then? Corporate travels to Austin and whatnot :)
    Things are going well enough ^^ Working through my PhD and trying not to be a complete bum when I'm not at work~
    AHAH thanks :') And I'm sure you'll get to go see those sights someday! Are there any particular places you really want to go to?

    And yup! I've been back for a while now. Went straight back to school immediately after the trip - I actually just finished my exams for the year so I have a lot more free time now which I'm really happy about. :D I kind of regret not going to this year's school formal / prom but I have a lot of other cool things planned so I'm honestly not too sad about it!
    HEY SO REMEMBER HOW YOU ASKED ME TO TELL YOU ABOUT MY US TRIP, WELL HERE I AM. I came back last month but didn't log into PC again until yesterday which is why this is a very late update! It was so surreal though, I almost thought I was dreaming half of it? I saw so many famous places that I never thought I'd get to experience such as the Hollywood Walk of Fame, the Golden Gate Bridge, the Seattle Space Needle, Wizarding World of Harry Potter etc. I can't wait to go back to Seattle some day in particular - the city life there was so cool. We also got to go to Yosemite National Park and I was blown away, it was beautiful. Also, I know that diners aren't supposed to be that exciting but I was super excited when we went to a 50s diner. Honestly, it was really amazing. :D I definitely want to travel again in the future.
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