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    Gladius Clipeum

    Walking through the wasteland was like walking on top of a burning pile of wood with wet feet. You feel the heat, but not the pain. Well, to Gladius, that is what it seemed. He is having not that hard of a time, but he still feels exhausted. He glanced around the group. Vigil looks like the one having the least problem, while Hoodhide, the new guy, was sweating waterfall. Maybe because he was used to the low temperature and high amount of rainfall in the forests. Gladius thinks that living in the rainforest, somehow, softened Hoodhide up. The scarfty constantly take swigs from his water bottle and before the first day even ended, his water ratio was gone. Gladius noted to share his. The other Alpha Alliance soldiers were keeping up, but Gladius could also see that they were tiring. Even General Hazone, despite making remarkable distance with them, could be seen panting.

    Night came, and the party made camp. They all huddled around the campfire made by an Alpha Alliance soldier. The desert night was colder than how the day was hot. All of them tried to get closer to the fire. Gladius just let them be. His thick fat is a great help minimizing the cold and heat the others were feeling. It felt more like an itch to him. Hoodhide sat beside him. He handed him a berry. It was one of those common Aspear Berries, commonly used to cure freeze.

    It's a little singed, but you can have it, brother," Hoodhide gave the berry to Gladius, before standing up and moving away. Gladius does not need it. He had some stored food inside his belly,and he will use that until midday tomorrow. Instead, he looked around and he saw a shivering Machoke. Gladius went up to him and smiled. Machoke looked intimidated by him.

    "Worry not, my friend," the Snorlax deeply said. He handed the Aspear Berry. "These berry emits a little heat. This may help you," he placed the Aspear berry next to the figure. "We'll survive through this."

    Gladius retired to his position, and slept. He awoke to the sound of activity. It was time to moved on again.

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