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    Penance Malum

    It didn't help Pennace to learn that nothing was growing in the Wastes of Will. Sure back at their temporary refugee in the forest there had been no rivers or lakes near their camp, but still the air had been moist and every now and then there would be a down pour of rain. Penance had the feeling that he wouldn't be seeing any sign of water anywhere in this place. Any bare patches of dirt he had seen in his travels had been small and had been surrounded on all sides by grass. He couldn't even see any color differention, there was only the same brown color everywhere he looked. While they walked Penance caught some conversations here and there. Hoodhide informed them that there was a silver tribe prescence here in the form of factories but it was really Zane that eased his worries. He said it was only two days to their destination. Penance could handle that, besides how bad could this place be? It wasn't like there was an abundance of humidity like in the rainforest, so it couldn't be that bad.

    An hour later Penance decided that if the opportunity arose he was going to trade every single possession on him (besides his bracelet) to be in that rainforest rather than out here in this wretched land. At first Penance had made sure to keep his spirits high by thinking of just what was waiting for them at the ruins. As the time progressed however, his spirits began to sink. Every single step he took burned the bottom of his feet. The sun, oh the sun. They had no cover anywhere, there weren't any trees and there were no clouds anywhere in the sky! Penance didn't voice his complaints out loud. He was a Gold Tribe member after all, he could take a few days of discomfort easily.

    Penance remembered that Vigil had told them that during the night the temperature would fall and so Penance silently wished for night to come quickly. It did so and Penance wanted to take back his wish. They stopped for the night and made a small fire. Their group was bunched up tightly around the fire. The air was freezing and Penance was sure he could hear a few of the Alpha Alliance Soldiers chittering their teeth. Unsuprisingly it was silent around the fire. Penance knew that the Alliance Soldiers had an entirely different culture from the Gold Tribe, not only that but they probably didn't want to bother them with asking silly questions and what not. Eventually Penance's thoughts turned to his father. Back at Liberty Town he had asked all of the civilians and all he knew was that no one had seen another Golduck anywhere. Penance idly rubbed his bracelet, Please let my dad be at those ruins, he thought. Sighing Penance let his head slip forward and he fell into a light sleep.

    Penance was awakened by the sounds of movement. Opening his eyes he saw everyone was rousing so he got up and made sure his pack was on before he headed out behind his brothers.