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Wastes of Will

The group of Pokemon began to move again at a time when the sky was still dark from the night's passing, yet not quite dawn yet. The sun had yet to rise and shine its brilliance on the land, but light was slowly beginning to arrive nonetheless. It was the perfect time to move on. Zane wouldn't admit it outright to the others, but he was rather tired. The heat had definitely taken it's tole, and the cold night air didn't help either. Still, for the sake of the Alpha Alliance soldiers, and his Gold Tribe brothers, he had to put on a strong face.

The morning passed with nothing much happening. The journey continued with minimum stops for eating and resting. The sun was beginning to slowly rise into the top of the sky. Eventually, they would need to rest once more before making the last leg of the journey. Zane walked silently in the front of the group. It wasn't as much as he didn't want to talk as much as he felt if he did, it would greatly reduce his energy. Yes, it was that hot. Even simple tasks as talking could be difficult. The terrain, however, was slowly beginning to change. Instead of complete nothingness like before, many rocks were now appearing in the landscape. The change was subtle at first, but then grew. Eventually, the landscape was not just sand and dirt, but comprised of large rocks as well, reaching quite large sizes. It was a welcoming sight, actually. The change, if Zane recalled, meant that they were nearing Poseida Ruins. Less than a day was ahead of them.

The sun had reached high enough in the sky, and in good timing too. Up ahead was a small oasis complete with a small pond and even a palm tree or two. Zane smiled to the group as he spoke.

"The sun is getting pretty high. We'll rest here for the day until the sun begins to set."

The group began unpacking around. Many went straight for the pond, including Zane, who leaned down to splash the water upon his face. The group automatically seemed to appear less tense at the sight and sound of the water. Hazone took a drink and let out a deep, satisfying sigh, giving a smile to Zane. Everyone now rested around. Many were a bit more talkative now than before. Apparently, they just needed a bit of time to warm up to each other and start talking. The Alpha Alliance soldiers were much more talkative, even towards the Gold Tribe.

Suddenly, Zane thought he heard a sound in the distance. At first he ignored it as nothing but the wind. Just then, he heard it again. This caused Zane to sit up. Turning to the direction of the noise, he saw figures moving towards their position. Hazone noticed him looking there as well, and spoke in a hissing whisper.

"Scouts heading this way!" Hazone said.

"There appears to only be half a dozen of them. Shouldn't we just take them out?" An Aipom Alpha Alliance soldier asked.

"We shouldn't risk confrontation. We have no idea who they are. Hide behind the rocks!" Zane said. Quickly, everyone began hiding behind the terrain, spread out. Zane chose a rock formation rather close to where the oasis was. Hopefully not too close, but Zane wanted to see who it was.

The group of scouts' forms were now visible slowly to Zane. They were Ancients, alright. Two Bastiodon along with Two Kabutops, along with an Omastar. Then there was one more Pokemon. A Scizor. Zane's heart began to beat when he realized who it was. The Scizor was Drake Nol, also known as "The Sentry", one of the 8 Sentinels. It was a good thing they decided to hide. Sentry, of the 8 Sentinels, was by far the best tracker. He often went on scouting assignments or other missions involving locating people. He had become even more invaluable after Gold City fell, and the Gold Tribe went into hiding. Zane heard Sentry was responsible for the finding and killing of dozens of the Gold Tribe. Zane gritted his teeth as he thought of the amount of damage and harm the Sentinel had done to him. It took a lot of composure for Zane not to go out and attack the Sentinel. However, he knew if the Sentinel escape, which he very well might because of his effective speed and cunning, he would alert all the Silver Tribe about them. Zane reluctantly stayed in place.

Sentry, in the mean time, began observing around the oasis. He began looking at the area, and the dirt around. Appearing to look at something on the ground, Sentry picked up some dirt, and then looked around at the rock formations around. Zane hid behind the rock once more, holding his breath, hoping he wasn't caught. He looked to his left and right. The Gold Tribe and Alpha Alliance soldiers were spread out across the rocks. Sword and Shield was hidden behind a rather larger rock formation.

"Someone's been here." Sentry said chillingly out loud.

"Shall we scout the area for Pokemon?" One of the Kabutops asked him. Sentry thought for a moment, then spoke.

"No. I imagine they were just refugees fleeing. If they traveled into the Wastes of Will, they're nothing but corpses now, and I have no time nor use for dead citizens. Let's go."

With that, the Sentinel and the companions took off towards the east. After waiting for them to be gone, Zane slowly got out of his hiding spot. The others soon followed. Hazone walked up to Zane and spoke so everyone could hear.

"That was Sentry. By my count, he's heading east, most likely to Eternity City, but I'm not sure. We should continue south to Poseida."

Zane nodded, looking up into the sky. The sun was far from the top anymore, now closer to the mid-bottom position of the sky, the time to move again. Zane spoke. "Right. Come on, everyone. We should get going. Less than a day ahead of us."

It was a close call with a Sentinel just now, but luckily, they passed unnoticed. Poseida Village was not far now.

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