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    City Championship Jan 2012
    This is my first city championship with the new rotation in place, my last city I played in the last rotation and did horrible. This time I was planning to have fun and get a few wins (maybe a donk too !).

    I decided to play ZPST, as it's an early game rush deck which hurts all these trainer lock decks from setting up and tries to kill basics before they can evovle.

    Here is the deck list that I decided to run for the tournament:
    Pokemon (13)
    4 Zekrom
    3 Tornadus
    2 Shaymin
    2 Pachirisu
    1 Cleffa
    1 Magby

    Trainer/Supporter/Stadium (32)
    4 Pokemon collector
    4 Professor Oak’s New theory
    3 Professor Juniper
    4 Pokemon Catcher
    2 Eviolite
    2 Switch
    4 Junk Arm
    2 Pokemon Communication
    3 Plus Power
    3 Dual Ball
    1 Super Rod

    Energy (15)
    11 Electric Energy
    4 Double Colorless energy

    I decided to tech a magby the night before, as it would help against the gothitelle match up. However it didn't help in the tournament since I didn't play against any gothitelle.

    Round 1: 0-0
    I begin the game with a shaymin in the active X_X. My opponent starts off with a vulpix active and nothing on her bench, I call heads and manage to set up a first turn donk with a pachirisu ! I thought it was a best of three, so we played again, with a few turns going past, I manage to set up a zekrom with an evolite and begin to get early kos. She didn't draw that well and the luck for that round was clearly in my favour.

    Round 2: 1-0
    Thunderdome (Magnezone/Eels)
    My familiar match up, since my playtesting buddy (Drakow) has been using the same deck. I didn't draw the catchers when I needed them, I managed to KO an early magnemite with tornadus and then he sets up a magnezone turn 2 and then another one turn 3, he gets his bench fully set up and I struggle to make a come back. It was a close game, but I struggled in the late game to recover.

    Round 3: 1-1
    I was expecting trainer lock in the forms of gothitelle but not this deck. It seemed like a cool deck and I started this one. I set up tornadus early with pachi/shaymin and begin to early KO his basics with catchers. He trainer locks after I've taken 2 prizes and I hold onto my supporters when I need them. It seemed he wasn't drawing into what he needed and kept playing collectors to thin his deck. I set up zekroms and start bolt striking, and his damage counter drops only fuel zekrom's outrage. I take my last prize with 2or 3 remaning on his side.

    Round 4: 2-1
    I start off with a good start and set up early game tornadus to KO his retreat aid pokemon. I misplay by not killing his chansey in the early game as he uses Blissy twice to heal his chandelures X_X. I may of won if I didn't make that misplay =/ as by the late game I had zekroms set up to bolt strike but they couldn't kill due to the healing antics of blissy prime.

    Round 5: 2-2
    Thunderdome (Drakow)
    Last round I play against my buddy. He starts off by setting up his bench and I draw a bad hand and can't really set up early game tornadus. I decide to concede the game when he plays his second magnezone and sets up the eels.

    Overall result: 2 Victory 3 Defeat

    I had alot of fun and my lack of experience cost myself some of the games, but it happens. I'll be awaiting the next TCG set and see how that affects the metagame.