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Can't... resist... any... longer. Even though I will have less time for RPs now that school starts. But when I finally read the whole RP (and the OOC thread lol) it just seemed so amazing. And if Ichiro's back, then yay! Let me sign up? :3

Only, now that those who were in London have already left, do I have to start there or can I be... in Sweden? <3

And... I wasn't sure how to go about Helena's parents. I don't want them to be Atlanteans really, but one of them has to be, right? I can change that in the history if I have to. And her brother does have a power, it's just very subtle.

Main Information

Name: Helena Andersson
Age: 19
Height: 160 cm
Weight: 54 kg
Location: Stockholm, Sweden


Atlantean Tattoo: Helena's tattoo is on the left side of her neck, most often covered by her hair. It looks like a Q with another ring inside it, and a dot in the middle. And the "tail" on the letter swirls and reaches back to the back of her neck.

Physical: Standing at 160 cm, Helena is rather short and small, not being very thin but definitely not fat at all. A lot of her friends have grown big fat bums from not exercising enough, but hers is small and round, as are her breasts. Her arms are very strong and somewhat muscular from rigorous training, but normally guys can be a bit grossed out by girls with a lot of muscle power, so she tries not to show it unnecessarily. Her face is simple, with somewhat round cheeks and a rather small up-nose. Her lips are thin and small, something she is a bit annoyed with. But her eyes make up for it, being big and having naturally long eyelashes, that Helena of course helps on with some make up, daily. No wrong in making yourself look good if it's not too expensive or tedious, is there?

Her hair is sandy blonde and very straight but somehow always messy, impossible to completely tame, reaching just below her shoulders. It's cut in a straight fringe over her forehead, ending just above her eyebrows. When she runs, the hair flows behind her like a bright fire burning. It easily covers the tattoo on her neck. Overall, she gives off the impression of a small, energetic girl who's rather easygoing.

Clothing: Helena doesn't dress very fancily. Living in the middle of capitol, she has to care about her looks to some extent, in order to be normal. But that's it. She usually wears jeans to school and when she's seeing friends, and very often a simple blouse with short or long sleeves, usually in brighter colors. She likes her jeans to be bright and rather soft and baggy, so that she can run and move in them but still look pretty good. Boy's jeans, someone might say. Big sneakers with good grip are her favorite footwear, but to school and downtown she most often switch to Converse shoes, to not look like a tomboy too much. She sometimes forces on a gray beanie hat on top of her messy hair though, which more than once has caused teachers to tell her off for wearing it indoors. On top of the blouse, she wears a black leather jacket that is one of her most prized possessions.

She always has earrings in, most often something small and simple, like silver or black dots. On her left wrist, she has a white watch, but she doesn't wear any other jewelry really. Except for when she's going out, maybe.


Contrary to popular belief, Helena isn't really a tough gangster girl. She often laughs and jokes around, and the first impression you would probably get from her when she walks up to you, stretching forth her right hand and introducing herself, is that she is someone who looks tough on the outside but is a fluffy and yellow cloud on the inside. Now, she hasn't always been like this. When she was little, living on the countryside, she was the cute little girl like every girl back then. Then in high school, she did adopt a tougher attitude for a while, during her episode of "falling in with the bad crowds".

But then she started performing parkour, the sport where you run and jump and climb over and through roofs, fences, buildings and everything in a city with ease. And that set her mind free and made her relax. She found that she didn't need to be like so many native Stockholm girls in her school were. And she didn't need to be the obedient little girl who brushed her hair and went to sleep on time every night either. That rather wild epiphany could have made her rough and tough, like it made many others, but it rather made her softer. If her parents could only understand that it was thanks to the parkour that she had become reasonable in her later teens compared to her early teens, then they would have had a better understanding of her hobby. But they hated it. They wanted an ambitious, well educated daughter, not a happy-go-lucky wild thing that climbed houses illegally.

Helena has a strange relationship to high altitudes. She is scared of them in a way that gives her an immense adrenalin rush whenever she's climbing high. It's scary, but it spurs her on even more. Her favorite thing is to climb up somewhere alone and watch the sun rise. The sunrise makes her feel magical and like a little dreamy kid again. She does not like the night and darkness, having a very different fear for the dark. No helpful adrenalin here, rather she turns silently terrified if she turns up in some completely dark place, having a hard time thinking even. She likes big, open places the most, but isn't really claustrophobic.

Towards her old "girlfriends" from school, she's just generally polite these days, and she shrugs at the knowledge of them probably speaking about her when she's not around. With her parkour friends, or the people at the gym where she works though, she's a constant sunbeam, making jokes and laughing at anything. If an awkward situation turns up, she's the first to try and lighten up things with a bad joke.

She has her troubles too though. Her brother is 5 years younger than her, but a complete genious, loving school and excelling at every subject but not being very sportive like her. It's obvious that her parents are prouder of him than they are of her, even though they try not to show it too openly. This of course makes a girl feel useless sometimes. She finally passed all of her subjects in school, but not with good grades and she didn't really care about anything she studied, really. So she's not always too knowledgeable about stuff that other people in her age think is basic stuff, and that can make her look dumb. But she's rather smart, actually, she's just using it in another way than her family thinks she should. At least that's what she's telling herself.


Helena Andersson was born in a smaller town on the countryside in Sweden, where her parents had lived for a long time. Not much happened there, she attended school and had some regular friends. When she turned 12, her father had gotten a great job in the capitol and thus they moved to Stockholm, where her mother was unemployed for a while until she found work as a maths teacher at Helena's new school. Her father was a businessman who sat in meetings all day long. She had a brother, 5 years younger, who was some kind of genius, actually enjoying school while Helena had to struggle to get through high school. Some of her friends who detested school maybe more than she did, started drinking and such things in high school. Helena started on that path but was a bit conflicted. Her family did well and was rather happy and friendly, so she felt bad about sneaking and lying to her mother about drinking and smoking. Soon, she found a way out though.

It was a pre-high school friend of Helena's who still went to the same class as her, who suggested that she'd try the sport of parkour, that he was practicing sometimes. This old friend was regarded as rather geeky, and in this town and school, geekyness wasn't really something you wanted to be associated with. But Helena tried joining the guy's parkour team in secret, and she discovered that she had a knack for it. Eventually, the truth came out and Helena's girl friends thought she was a bit strange, but accepted it in the end. Because at the same time as Helena's muscles had begun to grow from the rigorous and fun training, so did her confidence. Some people who didn't like her parkouring as much were her parents, who tried to stop her from doing it... without success. And the police didn't much like it either. Helena almost got arrested a few times for trespassing, but she got away since she was never really doing anything harmful.

When Helena turned 19, she graduated from the Swedish version of high school and her parents more or less expected her to apply for a university and study more. Her brother already had plans for what he was going to study when he finally graduated. But Helena had no such plans. She worked out at an expensive gym downtown and she had her parkour group, mostly consisting of guys, that she spent time with at least half of the days in the week. She didn't have plans to do anything else, but she did sign up as a personal instructor at the gym and got the spot. So that's where she's currently working, still living at home with her parents.

She found out about her ability less than a week ago, naturally. The left side of her neck started itching badly, but she didn't bother looking into a mirror before a colleague at the gym complimented her for the cool new tattoo. Not understanding, Helena was baffled when she finally saw herself in a mirror. That wasn't a tattoo, at least not one she had put on herself. Had someone made her do it when she was drunk last time? No, she hadn't been drunk for weeks. She kept trying to scratch it off, still thinking that someone had somehow played a joke on her. Was no other reasonable explanation.

Later that day, she was parkouring, chasing a friend for fun through a complex of high apartment buildings. They leaped down through some stairs, trying to do it as stylish as possible. All of a sudden, Helena's friend turned around and stared at her. At least that's what she thought, so she stopped as well, hands on her hips and panting from the exercise. But her friend stormed forth to the fence of the staircase and gazed down, calling her name. What, did he think she jumped down there? She was right here! Her friend could hear her but not see her, and that freaked him out and he ran away, leaving the building and the somehow invisible Helena.

Confounded, she walked home and realized that nobody did see her. She thought she was a ghost and panicked for a while, until she came home and ran into her brother's room crying. The brother, Jonas, got up and comforted her, confused, and she was so very happy that he could see her. She told him what had happened, which was a bit strange even because normally she didn't converse much with him even though he was usually kind to her. Geeky as he was, he immediately shone up and believed her, starting to search in his memory and online for a possible explanation. And it didn't take long before he remembered something he had seen just the other day.

Jonas showed her a clip from the news where the Atlanteans revealed themselves, holding up the crystal. Helena felt as if her neck started to itch again. Yes... she was an Atlantean. Wasn't Jonas too? No, he hadn't found any strange marking on his body. And her parents? At dinner that night, they watched their parents for any signs of anything unusual. Jonas even brought up the topic of the Atlanteans. Their parents just acted like it was a fraud, something that a crazy group of people had staged. They didn't understand why anyone would believe it. Clearly, they hadn't seen the same newly uploaded video clips as Jonas had, of Atlanteans showing off their supernatural abilities. If they were Atlanteans, they sure didn't know it themselves, or they hid it really well. Jonas explained to Helena later that if could be due to a recessive gene that both her parents had carried without it showing. And she had somehow received both, and thus become a real Atlantean. While he hadn't... he seemed sad about it, but Helena assured him that he had powers too. A human power of intelligence.

Helena explored the possibilities of her invisibility ability over the next days. Sometimes alone, sometimes together with Jonas, who always suggested new things. They didn't think life was going to change dramatically just because of this and they weren't planning on telling the secret to anyone. It was just a fun thing that had happened to Helena. Oh, if that could only have been it...


Helena has the ability of invisibility. It's difficult to control since even though she can turn completely invisible at will after training for the past days, she sometimes turns invisible without meaning it as well. And she can't seem to stay invisible for too long, and she can't really feel when she's invisible or visible; she has to throw a glance down at her own body to see. But normally it's enough to glance upwards and see if she can see her own fringe. She's started to explore the possibility to make single body parts invisible and not just the whole body at once. Also, she wonders if it's possible to turn see-through but not completely invisible. Just for fun. The newest thing she tested is whether she can reach out to an inanimate object, or in the future perhaps another person, and make it disappear as well. It's not going too well though.

Of course she's a bit scared by this ability, but that was mostly at first. When she found out that she was an Atlantean and that her ability was normal, she relaxed and saw it as an opportunity instead. The ability to turn invisible... she could do parkour anywhere now without the cops seeing her! Unless she accidentally turned visible again, of course. She needed to practice a lot, but it was more fun to try new things than keep going at the things she already knew were possible. Thus, she hasn't got very good control at all of her ability yet, but she can do many things half-good. Or rather badly... oh, the things she would be able to do. Not that she realized how powerful her ability could be though. She was seeing it as a fun thing.

Writing Sample

The next day, Ashton, Rebecca and their pokémon went out on the road again, leaving Old Mahogany behind and saying goodbye to Rose the old lady. Ashton had the TM in his backpack, not sure what to do with it. Should I give it to a pokémon? he thought. Flash cannon... maybe Francis could pull it off? "A silver bazooka... awesome!"

"What?" Rebecca said, raising an eyebrow. They were walking side by side on route 43, north, the still rising sun behind them. The road was easily traveled, being wide and having pine trees only at the sides. There was also a small river running alongside the road, and big flashy signs every other meter - at least it felt like it - advertising the place they were heading to: New Mahogany, the skii resort in the winter and the beach resort in the summer.

"Uh, nothing at all!" Ashton said, realizing that he had thought out loud again.

"Alright," Rebecca laughed and kept walking. She was her normal pleasant self again, instead of the rather annoyed type she'd been when they reached Old Mahogany. Ashton had decided that she was a person who needed to eat on a regular basis to not get cranky. And obviously she didn't keep track of that herself, so he would have to make sure she ate properly on proper times, in order to escape her temper... jeez, women. He didn't normally take care of himself, "How could I take care of her as well?"

"What now?" Rebecca said, raising both eyebrows this time.

"Nothing at-"

"Oh, stop it. You're thinking about something, aren't you? What's up?"

"Uh..." He wasn't going to tell her what was on his mind, so he quickly made up something else instead. "How many pokémon have you got, really?" There, it wasn't too bad. He had actually been wondering that. The girl just smiled.

"Maybe I'll tell you some day, she said. But I did tell you about my father, right?"

"No, what? All I know is that you're from the same town as I am. But I've never seen you in school."

"I was homeschooled, and I'm not born in Ecruteak," Rebecca said, blushing a little. Strange. Normally Ashton was the one doing the blushing. "My father travels a lot and sometimes he takes us with him. He has a lot of pokémon and has given me some and helps me catch some. But Ripip and some others, I've caught myself!"

"Some others...?"

Rebecca winked at him. "I've got more pokémon than you do, let's leave it at that."

"Wait, why are you always telling me that I shouldn't catch this many then?" Ashton said angrily when she just kept walking while he stopped.

"Because you're catching them so quickly. You should train the ones you already have before catching even more."

"I am training them! Tell you what, I challenge you to a battle here and now!"

Rebecca turned around and stopped walking too. "Are you sure?"

"I won the last battles, why wouldn't I win now?" Ashton gleamed.

"Hm... we should get moving to Mahogany... but maybe we could to a race battle again?"

"Race.. ah, like in Ice Path?"


"Haha, right! This time, I'll use... Babar!" Ashton said and sent out his dragon type. Babar yawned, as if it had been sleeping, and tried to bite in the air for lack of a better way to say hi at the moment.

"Alright, then I'll take Flay!" Rebecca said and sent out her strong looking Flaafy. The sheep snorted at Babar, but the dragon growled back. Both were ready for battle.

The well kept path lay straight before them, the river running alongside it on their right side, before the rocky slopes began and a forest laying on their left side that wasn't only pine trees anymore. It looked denser than the forest where they had battled the Armaldo.

"Ready, set, go!" Rebecca said and started running, before Ashton had time to react.

"Hey, wait up!" he said and started running as well, Babar tagging along with its tongue hanging out like a happy dog. "Let's not give them that head start for free, Babar, use Dragon Rage on Flaafy!"

The Deino loaded up and shot out its blue, crackling beam and hit Flay in the back. The Flaafy stumbled, getting hit right in the back. The boy and the dragon caught up with them, smiling cleverly.

"Give them a taste of their own medicine," Rebecca said to her pokémon. "Thundershock!"

Flay shocked Babar, who slowed down a little from the pain. A jolt hopped over to Ashton, who got struck as well. "Watch it!" he said. "Babar, Bite Flay's tail!"

The dragon lounged forward, easily sensing with its every sense except for eyesight where the sheep's tail was and grabbing it with its strong jaws and teeth. He braked and pulled, and the Flaafy had to stop, squealing from the pain.

"That's not nice!" Rebecca said, not wanting to stop as Ashton jogged on. "Flay, come back! Ripip, go!" She took back the electric type to its pokéball and sent out the tiny rat instead, as Babar started running after Ashton who had now caught up with the girl. Both humans were starting to get a bit flustered, panting when they gave out their orders.

"Babar, Dragon Rage!"

"Ripip, Sucker Punch!"

The Rattata managed to sneak in and give a dark powered tackle to the dragon before the energy attack had fully loaded up. The result was a loud splash as the Deino fell into the river. It struggled against the stream, not really a good swimmer.¨

"Argh, Babar! Back!" Ashton said, unwillingly stopping and taking back his pokémon to its pokéball while Rebecca and Ripip ran away from them. "Let's turn this around... Francis!"

The Remoraid came out and jumped into the river immediately. It easily broke through the stream, swimming faster than Ashton could run on land. Soon it caught up with the girl and the rat, Ashton trying hard to catch up on land. "Use Water Gun!"

Francis winked at Ripip and then dove down under water. The rat got distracted for a moment, wondering what the fish was up to, when Francis then came up again and launched a forceful blast of water that blew Ripip off the road. It also splashed Rebecca, wetting the girl's clothes.

"Not nice!" Rebecca said, waiting a moment for Ripip to get back up on its feet. Ashton caught up with them and all three ran alongside each other, the boy with a big smile and the girl with a grumpy face. Then she looked forward and suddenly grew an even wider smile. "Tough luck!" she said, and he turned his head forward as well.

The river bent off from the road, going in through the forest instead! Francis panicked, flopping around, not knowing what to do. He wouldn't be at all as fast flopping around on land... unless...

"Francis jump up to me!" Ashton said.

"What?" Rebecca exclaimed.

The fish realized what his trainer was thinking and happily jumped out of the water into the arms of the boy. "Now, Lock On!" Ashton said, holding the Remoraid under his arm like some kind of cannon. Just like he had done in the battle against Lucas.

"You are too strange!" Rebecca said, trying to outrun the boy. "Ripip, Quick Attack!"

"Psybeam!" Ashton shouted at the same time as Rebecca gave out her attack. Thanks to the Lock On, the attack hit swiftly and precisivly. A strange beam that seemed to be of a very different kind of energy than Babar's Dragon Rage was shot from Francis' mouth and blew the tiny Rattata off the road once again. This time it didn't get up again. Rebecca sent it back into the pokéball and stopped for a moment, catching her breath. Ashton stopped too, doing the same, still holding a happy Francis under his arm.

"You are... so strange," she repeated.

"Thanks, you're just plain normal and boring yourself," Ashton joked, earning an annoyed look from the girl. But then they both broke into laughter.

"These race battles are probably good exercise for both us and our pokémon. But they do make us... sweaty."

"Yeah... maybe we should just lazy around for a while?"


"Come on, have you some kind of appointment in that next big town?"

"No... I just happen to know that it's better to lazy around there than out here in the wilderness. They have sunny skiing places where you can lay in the snow without feeling cold because the sun shines so warmly, and they have a loooong beach at the old Lake of Rage where you can just lay for the whole day sleeping in the light breeze and eat ice cream and..."

She was dreaming herself away and Ashton once again found himself staring at the girl with his head tilted to the side. She looked so cute when she was talking about things she liked. Her thin, blue dress and her light, gray jacket swayed in the wind going through the forest, as did her brown, curly hair. Her freckles were numerous on her cheeks and her blue eyes glimmered in a way he hadn't seen anyone's eyes do before. And she was looking right at him...!

"Uh, nothing, I..." Ashton quickly said, looking away and praying to Arceus that he wasn't blushing this time. He scratched his head and wondered why she wasn't saying anything. He dared looking up after a few seconds, and found her giggling. Aw, girls were so annoying! He swore she knew exactly what he was thinking and thought he was utterly silly and would tease him endlessly for it very soon. He was silly, it was silly. Ugh.

He didn't notice that she was just about so say something with a sweet and tender voice, when he burst out with his own enraged voice: "I don't think we're finished yet. Let's race through the forest to the next city! You're behind already!"

With that, he and Francis darted away on the road again, leaving Rebecca with a faltering smile. Irritated feelings started bubbling up inside her, but she swallowed them down. He was just another dumb boy, after all. Better treat him like it. Nothing more. She sent out her Teddiursa, Theo, and ran after them.

The lush forest was thickening around them, but the sun shone on brightly above it all. Suddenly, an attack command was heard behind Ashton.


Theo the Teddiursa came up and tried to Scratch the Remoraid in Ashton's arms. "Watch out! Don't scratch me!"

"That's the downside with carrying your pokémon into battle!" Rebecca said, emerging closer behind them on the road.

"Ugh... I guess I'll have to switch. Thanks, Francis," Ashton said and pulled up the pokéball to return Francis into it.

Now, Theo, Rebecca and Ashton were running side by side. "How far is it?"

"Not much further. How's that, you're getting tired?"

"Never!" Ashton lied. He was indeed tired again already. But he sent out his Larvesta, Elektra, anyways. "Use Ember!" he said.

Elektra didn't run very fast, but she knew how to attack properly. Her Ember attack hit Teddiursa and made him stumble into a bush at the side of the road. He quickly came out again though. Rebecca ran up to it and gave it a command that Ashton didn't hear. Suddenly, Theo started crying, as if tumbling into the bush had really hurt both its body and its feelings. Ashton didn't really care, but Elektra was slowing down a bit.

"Oh, come on. Aren't you a tough lady who won't buy cheap tricks?" he told her. Elektra gave him a mean look and then stopped completely, walking back towards the poor Teddiursa. When she came close though...

"Scratch!" Rebecca said and started running again. Theo shot up and scratched Elektra hard in the face before he too ran.

"THAT'S TO UGLY! I SO SAW THROUGH THAT! YOU MEAN-" and several other things were said by Ashton as Elektra blushed, totally embarrassed for not having listened to Ashton, as she tried to run on her small bug feet again. "Don't worry, I still know how we'll win this," Ashton said as they started to see the forest clear up a bit again. Maybe they were at New Mahogany soon.

"Use String shot!... on both Teddiursa and Rebecca!" he said, picking up Elektra and throwing her as far as he could forward. Soaring through the air, the fire bug aimed.. and shot. Her icky strings hit the bear's legs and glued them together. Teddiursa instantly fell over, not able to keep running. Elektra landed beside it, sticking out her tongue angrily, before turning to Rebecca, who had hesitated and ran slower now.

"Oh... no, that's not ok! Don't attack me!"

"Haha, you attacked me!" Ashton laughed, catching up to her as Elektra's String Shot swirled around the girl, gluing her feet together as well. Before she fell over and hit the ground though, she felt arms catch her and keep her from hitting the ground and scraping her knees and whatnot. Ashton's arms. She looked up into his face and he have her his usual smug smile.

"I win," he said.

Rebecca sighed and nodded. After triumphantly dancing around with Elektra for a moment, the boy helped the girl and her pokémon to get the sticky strings off their legs. There didn't seem to be any really harsh feelings between Theo and Elektra after the battle, luckily. Maybe just a little.

"So, are we there yet?" Ashton asked as they got up from the ground again, peeking forward on the road that was bending through some less dense parts of forest.

"Soon," Rebecca said. "Soon we're in New Mahogany." She pointed at a big, bold sign that was put up here in the middle of the forest on the side of the road, announcing that exact thing.
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