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Originally Posted by redo View Post
edit: I gotta correct myself. Even without leaving the map the error occurs. Just the first time I enter the map and after a wild pokemn battle I lose control over my sprite.

Me again: I found out, that the error only occurs, when the bug-catcher I inserted is on the screen when a wild pokemon battle starts. After the fight I become him. I'm becoming the sprite of the bug catcher trainer, but keeping my things and pokemon. What did I wrong. Thats my Trainer Script:

#org 0x8017C8
trainerbattle 0x0 0x267 0x0 0x88017E1 0x88017F8
msgbox 0x8801811 MSG_NORMAL '"Hi"
When I change 0x0 into 0x3 it won't compile, so kept it that way.
The Person Nr. is 0, the first Unknown is 00, Movement is 00, sec. Unknown is 00, third Unknown is 00, Person ID is 0267. I can fight him without any problems.
Did you put the sight distance on?

Also, the 0x267 is supposed to be the TRAINER ID.


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