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    Originally Posted by Repede View Post
    Okay, so I have searched to no avail...unless I don't know how to use the search function. I've also got no idea if this is the proper place for these questions. I will move it if necessary.
    So first, hi!

    Some friends and I are starting up a new Pokemon rom hack. This is, I should say, the first we've ever done. None of us know anything yet about using Pokescript, which is why I'm here, for the above tutorials.

    Here's my issue: We were hoping to use Generation 4, particularly Heart Gold and Soul silver, for a couple reasons. One, we definitely want to have the Physical/Special attack split that the fourth gen introduced. Two, IF we use HG/SS, we'd have access to a second 'world' to toy with, though that one isn't particularly important.

    Now, I've perused the tutorials, looked at some of the most popular/comprehensive, but it seems everything addresses the third generation of games. My question is this; is there a Pokescript tutorial for the fourth generation? And if not, is there a way to bring that Physical/Special split into the third? We aren't too concerned with visuals, so I'd be fine with either.

    On the note of using a 3rd gen game, actually, would we be able to expand the pre-programmed Pokedex to include all current gen Pokemon, from gen 4 and 5?

    Thanks for the help, sorry for all the questions. I look forward to a response!
    Well good and bad news for you. For one when you mean a second 'world' I'm guessing you mean a second reason which you can easily do with a 3rd Generation game.

    Anyways, the bad news is HG/SS is extremely hard to hack and there are no such tutorials.

    Good news is that there is a Physical/Special Split that has just very recently been finished. Here is a Split for Ruby and as for a Split for FireRed and Emerald it is here.

    Also for the 4th and 5th Generation Pokemon, you can refer to this thread. And for Ruby you will find it in this thread. As of now these projects are still in work so you'll have to wait but they are coming along.

    Finally never worry about too many questions. Others or myself are always happy to help.

    ~coming soon~