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Quick question for everyone... Since my tool would be mainly for PMD, I'd like to know how much interest there is for this. My goal for this is to create a tool that can look through an PMD ROM and get all the script data from it, in a nice tree format. (Just like it is in the ROM itself) This data can be edited using "assembly" (that I will have to "create") or manually (Assuming you know the raw hex.) This editing will be realtime. Changes to the hex will show up in the assembly, and vice versa.

Basic overview is as follows:
  1. Real-time editing: Hex and assembly changes as you work.
  2. Tree structure for scripts
  3. XSE-like structure for editing
  4. Planned support for all current and future versions of PMD
  5. Ability to save custom script fragments.
Other features will be added as I think of them, but would PC like a tool like this? If not, I'll make it anyway, for my own use. =P

Oh... and one other thing. It will be made in C# I might even add Plugin support for expansion, but I really don't know at this point.

Here's a screenie of what I have so far. The GUI is likely to change drastically, however.
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