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    Earth and Sky: Pokemon Battle Royale is a RP based on the main idea of survival out in the wilderness in multiple environments. Any trainer that qualified by a recruiter to participate in this yearly contest would have to brave the countless environments and tackle mother nature while earning the pieces to assemble their badge. With 15 badge pieces to obtain and gamble, along with a league of thieves, organizations and every other type of trainer in existence, the fight for the finals will not be an easy feat. The prize for coming out on top and defeating the elite is 1 wish to be fulfilled at the request of the trainer, whatever he or she desires. With a prize like such, it would draw trainers from around the world to gather in the new region, Lethia.

    Note: The wish can be for anything! Bring back a departed loved one, create a new pokemon and bring it into the world, conquer the world, save it, destroy it, travel back in time and forward, etc. The league upholds its promise and grants any desired wish to the victor, one way or another, even if they have to visit Grimor or drag Palkia and Dialga from their dimensions to do it.


    Lethia is a massive island containing only 1 new Pokemon, specifically for this regiona nd this region alone. Its named Grimor, a pokemon with a legend that states it could create life out of nothing in the darkest hour of times with a power that rivals Arcues and that it is located right underneath Lethia, carrying the region on its back slowly moving underneath the cold waters. It is also said that this pokemon is impossible to catch since no human has ever gone under the region to make the attempt.

    Lethia use to be massively populated by tourists and citizens together, when the league kicked in and came into existence by the elites, the island depopulated itself slowly until there were only few people left, all trainers. The only reason why there is one town in Lethia is because the environment out in the region is just deadly! There are pokemon on the island with territory issues ranging from bugs to fire types all over! While few ignore humans unless provoked, other Pokemon will attack on sight if a trainer enters their territory and it can get hectic. The weather also acts as another factor in this region with few weeks being heavy rainstorms while dust storms and blizzards bury the other two portions of the region. That aside, the pokemon found in Lethia is a mix of Hoen, Kanto, Unova and Jhoto containing all types.

    Lethia is Divided into 3 main environmental territories, Forest, Mountain and Desert. Each of these large territory environments include sub-environments such as plains, lakes, plateaus, swamps and so on. These places accomedate for the different elements of pokemon and different place settings you can find them in Lethia.

    Rules For Bio Setup, Updated Feb 16th 2012 [Pokemon team], March 16th, 2013[Move Set].

    1. If you made your profile before the rule update on this topic, its approved.

    2. You can have one legendary on your Pokemon team.

    3. you can have up to 3-4 Evolved Pokemon on your starting team.

    4. The evolved Pokemon in your starting team must be Stage 2 or LOWER! (Exampls, Haunter, Raichu, Quilava, Golbat, Arcainine, Charmeleon, Metapod.)

    5. Each Pokemon in your team can/must have at least 4 moves to use in the RP whether to fight or perform tasks for survival. Such as lighting a fire with Ember or Flame Thrower. Or maybe to use Dig for shelter. You can't expand beyond 5 moves, even while in IC; You may however combine 2 or more of the moves to generate new ones. I.E. Water Gun + Ice beam = Giant Hurling Spear of Ice.

    6. Rule 4 and 5 can be ignored if you made your profile before this update since its the original posters fault [that's me] for not including the rules for setup when he made the OOC Topic.

    Updated March 16th 2013

    From now on, besides the RP topic containing the beginning BIOS of the first few contestants, this topic will accept new recruits into the RP and survival contest.

    Trainer Setup
    Apperance: [optional]

    B.Types are listed Further Below.

    Pokemon Team Setup
    Name: [Nickname, or just call them by their species, either one is fine]
    Sex: [Optional, recommended though.]
    Pokemon Move Set: [*Note]

    [*Pokemon Moves Note]
    Think about your moves carefully.
    There is a reason you can only have 4 moves.
    The RP is basically survival; having 4 moves at all times adds challenge and will push the players joining in to put thought into their actions. The challenges I will present will be hard and become more brutal as the seasons change IC. You are free to use TM's or other methods to swap out and learn other moves.

    Need Help Starting Your First Post?
    If you plan to start from the very beginning and get to Lethia this way; There is a test each trainer must pass to join E&S which is basically a battle.
    A trainer in a brown tattered cloak wearing orange sunglasses approaches you. Taking a picture of yourself and running the picture through a trainer database through a computer on his hip, the figure points at you and cries "I CHALLENGE YOU TO A POKEMON BATTLE, 1 ON 1, DO YOU ACCEPT!?" The figure has a pokeball ready in his other hand.

    Respond to this template to get yourself started. Just be sure to also add in that you received a badge case containing one badge component and a brochure to the league itself.

    Here is the Brochure
    -Earth and Sky!-
    Are you tired of gyms? Want a challenge that will really put your metal to the test? Do you truly want to stand out above all the trainers on the solid earth you stand on? Take part in the Earth and Sky League: BATTLE ROYALE!

    If you’re reading this, then you have completed the first step in participating in our yearly tournament that ends in every winter. The objective is simple, Along with this brochure, you will have a map of approved battle areas for the components to your badge which you will need to qualify for the finals! You should also have a badge case containing your first badge component! Gamble it in a fight during your battles and win enough components to complete your badge! Only then will it reveal to you where to go to fight the devastating elite!

    Grand Prize:
    1 wish
    2nd Prize:
    $200,000,000 Cash
    Runner Up:
    A complete badge for next year’s contest!

    Battle Type:

    Looking at all of the pokemon games, from old to new and fighting a few people online over nintendo wi-fi, I took notice
    That each trainer from young to old has their own preference in how they fight. Some teach their pokemon to use confusion
    to gain their attack edge while others change the field with Sunny Day or Rain Dance and even then, I found people who were
    willing to use sword dance and sand attack a few turns to take me down.
    In a sense, its our behavior in how we fight or Battle Behavior, so I decided to try my best to see if I could divide those behaviors
    into different roles that suited everyone out there who has either played the game or been in RP's. If you haven't noticed yet,
    you may want to think about how you fight and see if anything I mentioned matches up with the roles listed below and see what
    battle type or b.type you are.

    Rave - Attacking without thought with brutal speed and strength.
    Meta - Deceiving others with deception and causing confusion.
    Ruin - Stand strong and survive ones weakness, overcome it and fight back.
    Tera - Use of the world to the trainers advantage.
    Rouge - Adaptable in all Roles.
    Rust - Using stat altering abilities to level the playing field.

    RULES for the RP

    1- I DO NOT TOLERATE TROLLS what-so-ever. If you are caught being a troll, the RP will continue without you and you will be branded as an outcast from this topic unless I can get an admin to boot you, providing you decide to be one.
    2- Be fair in combat, this league is based on survival, so take into account your health and your team's health when making posts.
    3- If you have any questions, PM me or post them, Ill update this first post as frequent as I get information.
    4- I will be playing the role of NPC's, as well as the elite 4 within this brutal combat league.

    Trainers Left in Lethia:
    Active: In the RP and moving along
    Floating: Somewhat active, have been posting
    Abandoned: Left the RP without either saying good bye or warning
    Banned, Parole: Slap on the wrist, banned from posting from 1 week-1 month in real time
    Banned, Permanently: Game Over, no reset, no restarts, no re-entry
    Depart: Left with reason, saying good-bye or letting GM know he or she was leaving.

    Shadoan [Quto]: Active B: 6
    Max [Maxew555]: Active B: 1
    Xavier [heretostay123]: Active B:1
    Kiba [WolfOfEve]: Active
    Klaus [trotz59]: Active B:1
    Silver [Typh]: Active B:0

    Nath [Crimson0191]: Depart B:2
    Rina Arias [SummerSkies]: Depart B:1 - Hope you come back soon!
    Julia [PkMnTrainer Yellow]: Depart B:16 - E&S Veteran
    Jack [Geiger]: Depart B: 4 - E&S Veteran, Starting Member; Special Kudos! We'll miss ya man!
    Jimmy [-Sam]: Depart B:1 - PMed me at last, Recognized as E&S Veteran.

    Serenade [Lightning Shy]: Abandoned B:2
    MrKyurem: Abandoned <-[I thank you for RISING MY RP FROM THE GRAVE! SPECIAL KUDOS!]
    Starforce23: Banned, Permanently, RP page 3, top post
    Aluminum76: Abandoned
    zapdos926: Abandoned
    juniebug910: Abandoned
    mzmingle: Abandoned
    d4rka8isz: Abandoned
    j102ede: Abandoned