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    Originally Posted by destinedjagold View Post
    True. I removed that part on my comment for the previous chapter.
    I didn't feel like bringing it up again...
    Though their little 'smooching' made me smile, considering they'll be having little Eevees sooner or later... xD

    Sorry to disappoint you at that point, but they won't. After all, in the current situation, with both of them on opposite sides and often coming in danger, it would not be very ethical of them.
    Plus, neither of them is ready or cut out to be a parent. Now, I can sense a question which I'll probably get: "But how does a pokémon prevent cute little Eevee cubs from resulting from making love?" The answer to that is, of course: "I don't know, and if I asked them the answer they'd give me would probably be: "Mind your own business, you nosy bastard."" So, in short, I don't know and don't really want to pay it too much attention; but they do have some way of preventing them. Considering the vulnerabily of gametes to temperatures above or below body temperature (if you're male, working with a laptop actually in your lap already causes a significant drop in fertility due to the increased temperature down there), maybe using an ice-attack or Scald (for which they heat up and cool down their bodies) actually leaves them temporarily infertile for a few days. That is my best guess, but substitute any other explanation you like.

    I'd rather roll back down to where I came from... =/
    Hehe, the descriptions of the White Mountains are actually based on the Austrian Alps, where I was on vacation last summer. That ridge was an actual place where I walked, and it was terrifying and amazing.

    Octa loves Toxica. o.o
    Now I really wish she turned into a Bellossom, so at least she could look a bit lovely, but meh.
    Personally, I don't like Bellossom much, while I do like Vileplume. Anyway, it's good to hear Octa loving Toxica came as a surprise; it seems about half my readers are surprised by it while the other half says "knew it all along."

    I love Boreas' and Octa's friendship.
    Reading about it makes me miss my own bestfriend.
    Me too, I like their friendship a lot on several levels.

    Chapter Forty-Nine: Ice Mask
    What in the name of Arceus' balls is that thing?” Boreas wondered as he looked down to Icirrus and saw the city was dominated by the most bizarre piece of architecture he had ever seen.
    Methinks 'tis Dragonspiral Tower,” said Octa. “Such a foolish name.”
    Foolish name? More like foolish design. I mean, those two parts of the tower look a bit like dragons and they spiral around each other.”
    My dear fellow, that is not a spiral, but a helix. A double helix, to be precise. It has absolutely nothing to do with a spiral.”
    Maybe the people who named it didn't like how 'Double Dragonhelix Tower' sounded?” Boreas suggested.
    Or maybe they were fools who did not know the difference between a spiral and a helix.”
    Boreas felt as if this was at least partially directed towards him. “Hey! Just because someone doesn't know the difference between a spiral and a helix doesn't mean they're a fool! The only fool is whoever designed that thing. It doesn't look as if it should be able to stand at all.”
    Quibbling about this, they descended to Icirrus. It was a small and grassy city on a plateau, two kilometres above the ground. The tall Dragonspiral Tower was by far the most impressive landmark of the city; it started at the ground as a plain grey, cylindrical tower. About a third of the way up to the top, it split into two towers; a black one and a white one. The two semi-towers twisted around each other five times in a double helix before reuniting to form a shared, grey top which was decorated with statues of dragons. It was an amazing and otherworldly piece of architecture and it looked nearly impossible for the two spiralling semi-towers to support the large top. Many people, when first seeing the tower, thought its architect must've been very drunk when he designed it. They were wrong, of course, as the fact that a tower with this design had still managed to remain standing for fifteen hundred years.

    ...And then, my lord N, your perfect world will finally be reality,” Ghetsis finished his explanation.
    But...” said N, “won't everyone just release their pokémon if I defeat the Champion with Zekrom and tell them to?”
    Oh, no no no,” spoke Ghetsis, “the wise and the good who are simply misguided will do so, of course. But many humans are evil and selfish, my lord. They will not listen to you, even with Zekrom at your side. They will need the extra pressure our plan will put on them.”
    He's right,” said Diego. “You know humans can't be trusted. Um, present company excepted, of course. The evil and selfish humans will keep holding on to their pokémon unless we give them the choice to release them or die.”
    Hearing the Sages' plan had given Aqua the creeps. Her distrust of the Sages was only made worse because Ryoku was one of the three Sages explaining the plan. She didn't know too much about Giallo or Ghetsis, but Ryoku had tried to execute Boreas and his friends without any provocation at all, and actually succeeded in killing Capella. She hadn't known the Dratini very well personally, but Boreas had been very attached to her. And it wasn't as if Giallo and Ghetsis were innocent angels either: from what Boreas had told her Ryoku had acted because the Sages had all decided to kill them together. “No, he isn't,” she said, turning all heads to her. “Declaring war on all trainers and killing those who don't agree to release them? That's despicable! I thought the plan to release Zekrom would result in few casualties, or I wouldn't have joined it in the first place! We can't just kill everyone who disagrees with us!”
    Aqua has a point, Ghetsis,” said N. “Killing lots of people to bring my perfect world about seems wrong, somehow...”
    The three Sages laughed. “Don't worry, my lord,” smiled the skeleton-like Ryoku. “It's simply a bluff. The number of people that will actuarry have to die will be low. When they see our resolve to free the pokémon is large enough to kill them for it if they continue their evil practises, it will frighten them. They will fear for their rives, and won't not keep enslaving their pokémon if doing so threatens their own lives. So they'll release them. Because the good, brave trainers who are simply misguided and might actually be brave enough to resist us will recognise Zeklom's power and authority and release their pokémon when you command them.”
    The massively fat Giallo nodded, making his various chins wobble under his sweaty, moustached face. “Sì, our enemies are-ah weak and selfeesh, and weel fear for their-ah lives. Maybe a few of them weel be fooleesh enough to keep their-ah pokémon, and, sì, they weel die, and eet weel be a shame-ah they deed, even eef they were-ah eveel. But they'll be weeth only a few.”
    My lord,” spoke Ghetsis. “Can you really abandon all those poor, captive pokémon we have been fighting for, simply because a few selfish fools decide to stand in our way? Would you really let evil triumph, simply because they will put up a little resistance?”
    Well... That is a good point...” said N.
    Of course it is. My lord, have I ever lied to you? And if you will not trust me, I'm sure the Zoroark who raised you will agree with me.”
    But what if good people also refuse to release their pokémon?” Aqua interjected. “My boyfriend's trainer, for example, really seems to be friends with his pokémon, and he is a good person. My boyfriend has told me much about him, and I think this is really true. He'll never release his pokémon.” It was strange, but she somehow had the idea the three Sages understood every word she said.
    Your boyfriend,” Diego scoffed, “is a liar. Or he is deluded. His trainer is not really his friend, he is merely trying to convince himself of that, because he doesn't want to see the truth: he is a captive. A slave.”
    That's what I said to him when I first talked to him. But we've talked much about it since then... And I'm quite convinced that Boreas really is friends with Black. He won't release his pokémon, whether because N and Zekrom tell him or because these three bastards threaten to kill him.”
    Diego scowled. “Don't call them that. They are wise, powerful humans with a great vision of the future. And yet you insult them, simply because your boyfriend told you all kinds of lies about them.”
    Aqua arched an eyebrow. “When did you start worshipping the Sages?”
    I don't 'worship' them,” Diego growled. “I simply know who my friends are and who my enemies, unlike some others here who sleep with the enemy but insult and reject their friends...”
    Why, you-”
    N interrupted: “Look, petty arguing isn't going to get us anywhere. While Ghetsis' plan may have sounded bad at first, a bit of explanation has really improved my opinion of it. If evil humans continue to stand in our way even when Zekrom is on our side and I become Champion, we will sadly have to get them out of our way.”
    The Sages bowed for N. “You are wise, my lord,” spoke Ghetsis. “The attack on the tower will commence two hours from now, and it will be the first battle of the final war that will ever need to be fought. We will go instruct the grunts to their role in our plan, but unfortunately we seem to have forgotten to bring paper... Can we borrow your Zoroark for a while so he can use his illusions to help instruct the grunts? You know how simple-minded they can sometimes be, so we really need to give them visual information if we want this to go correctly.”
    Sure,” shrugged N. The Sages walked away, Diego following them.
    N,” said Aqua, “their plan feels very wrong to me... And I really don't think we should trust them. I told you about their desire for power...”
    N smiled. “Aqua, you only heard Boreas claim they are doing this for power, but he is our enemy, much though I hate the idea. The Sages are on our side, and my perfect world will never be a reality without them.”
    I'm not sure whether it will ever be a reality with them.”
    Listen,” said N, “I know the Sages will sometimes use somewhat bad means to achieve their ends, but they are only human, unlike us. For humans, they are very good people. I know it feels wrong, but their plan is the right one, I'm sure of it. After all, as Ghetsis said, we can't abandon all those poor pokémon simply because some evil humans stand in our way.”

    To Boreas' surprise, Nurse Ebola hadn't been able to find anything wrong with Selene. Though she had pointed out that this didn't necessarily mean there really wasn't anything wrong with the Murkrow, it still made Boreas suspect she had just been teasing him with the mad rants, and made him feel quite annoyed.
    The Icirrus Gym was located at the edge of town, built in a cave in the mountain-side. A façade decorated with statues of ice-types had been built in front of it, and it was through that that Black and his pokémon entered the icy cold cave-Gym. The Gym contained big, frozen fields of very slippery ice and long, curving slopes of snow that looked great to slide on. Octa slipped when he set foot on the ice, but fortunately Boreas, whose feet were of course equipped to remain standing even on the most slippery ice, managed to catch him. “Careful, Octa.”
    Gratefully leaning on Boreas, Octa managed to remain standing as they slid to the centre of the ice field, where a lone, masked figure in a blue toga stood.
    I accept your challenge,” said Brycen. “Since we both have a Glaceon, let's make this battle a duel between them.”
    Sure thing,” said Black. “Go, Boreas!”
    As Brycen wordlessly threw a pokéball, Boreas realised with a start that the battle's entire success or failure now depended on him. After a flash of light, a pretty, well-kept female Glaceon appeared, her every hair gleaming in the light and her hair meticulously kept in the three-diamond hairstyle that Boreas had never bothered to maintain. Boreas realised with a bit of shame how scruffy he had to look next to the other Glaceon. So he was determined to try and compensate by acting as gallantly as possible. He greeted his opponent with a bow like he had often seen Octa do. “My name is Boreas. Good luck, and may the best Glaceon win!”
    She nodded, though it was quite clear from her expression who she thought that was. Their Ice Beams collided in mid-air with an ice-cold flash. Boreas' opponent fired another Ice Beam, which Boreas quickly parried with a pulse of air, and then he riposted with an Ice Beam of his own, which she parried with an impressively quick Ice Beam.
    Boreas tried to analyse the fight as they tried to hit each other with Ice Beam. She was clearly faster than him with Ice Beam, firing them in a rapid succession that he couldn't match up to. On the other hand, she didn't appear to know his parrying move which used a blast of cold to create liquid air... He really needed to think of a name for that. He decided 'Frost Concussion' would do for now. So she was quicker with Ice Beam, but he could use Frost Concussion. That left him on the defensive, though, as the move wasn't much use to attack with. If his opponent was constantly attacking and he constantly defending, he wasn't doing her any damage.
    Realising his disadvantage was too great to win if the battle continued like this while parrying a constant onslaught of Ice Beams, he switched to using the weaker Icy Wind for his offence. It was not very powerful and unlikely to bother a fellow ice-type much, but at least she couldn't parry it with her rapid Ice Beams. An icy cloud of rapid winds emanated from him as he ducked under an Ice Beam aimed for his head. The cloud flew at his opponent. But she stopped her rapid barrage of Ice Beams and created an icy cloud of her own, much bigger and mightier than his, the winds inside it roaring with stormy power. His puny little Icy Wind was easily blown away by the massive Blizzard.
    Then the tremendously powerful storm of snow and ice enveloped Boreas, despite his best efforts to blow it away. The cold was incredible, easily penetrating even his well-insulated fur and flesh and chilling him to the bone. He had no idea cold could feel so bad; normally it felt good or at most a little annoying to him; but in the Blizzard, so cold it rained drops of terribly painful liquid air, even he was pained by it. He dashed through the powerful winds to escape, and emerged shivering and covered with ice.
    Now that he knew her advantage wasn't just her rapid Ice Beams, but also her mastery of Blizzard, he saw little way to win this, despite his own advantage of Frost Concussion. Even if he exploited that to its most, Blizzard was just too powerful and there was little point to trying to parry it. He ran up a slope to buy himself some time to think. He tried to play out several attack plans in his mind as he ducked under an Ice Beam from his pursuing opponent, and concluded that he stood no chance. Blizzard gave her an overwhelming advantage. Even if he managed to get into mêlée, where her advantage was less, she could probably weaken him with another Blizzard before then. So he had about seven seconds to master Blizzard himself. Unless...

    Diego walked by Ghetsis, waiting for N and his other pokémon to safely be out of earshot. “Ghetsis,” he smiled, “it's a pleasure to see you again.”
    Ghetsis smiled too. “And you as well, Diego. How are you?”
    It had been quite amusing to Diego to watch his friend and the other Sages pretend not to understand a word of what the pokémon were saying in front of N. It was all part of giving the boy a delusion of grandeur and hide the fact that he was really Ghetsis' son, of course: Diego had always told N his ability to understand pokémon was unique and proved he was really a pokémon in human form himself. Of course, all it really took, like understanding any language, was spending a lot of time with the speakers and really trying to understand them. While Ghetsis and the other Sages didn't understand him quite as well as N, their understanding of pokémon speech, like that of many other pokémon masters, was quite good. Good enough to maintain their friendship, in any case. “I'm very well. After all, in a few hours we'll have won our greatest victory.”
    So we will,” Ghetsis nodded. “When Zekrom is ours and the war has started, victory is almost a certainty. Though there is one minor problem that could endanger our plans: N. If his resolve fails, he could use Zekrom against us and all could come to nothing...”
    Don't worry,” said Diego. “His weakness just now was simply the result of a slightly poor word-choice on your part. Talking about 'war', I mean. I taught him war was humanity's worst flaw; if you had used a different word he probably wouldn't have made such trouble.”
    Are you certain of that?”
    Of course. N is nothing more than a tool, created by you and fine-tuned and perfected by me. Like any other tool, he will do what he was made for.”
    I'm glad you're so sure,” said Ghetsis. “But what about the Vaporeon? She sounds like she is a bad influence on him. Leaving N alone with her seems like a large risk to take.”
    The Vaporeon? She is just a stupid little girl who I convinced to join us because her boyfriend is on the other side, and I don't like him. I rightly thought getting her to join us would lead to hilarious results. They nearly killed each other in a hilarious meltdown of their relationship, it was amazing. But now they seem to have settled their differences, and her resolve to separate humans and pokémon is not nearly as strong as it was. I don't think she'll be on our side much longer, so I'll make sure she doesn't influence N.”
    Ghetsis nodded. “Get rid of her today. The battle will make for an excellent cover, and keeping her alive is too great a risk.”
    Diego grinned at the thought of how Boreas would feel after he got rid of her. “I will. I'll do it out of N's vicinity and claim it was the trainers who killed her. That should definitely strengthen his resolve to continue until the very end, even if it were weakened.”
    Ghetsis grinned. “Solving one problem with the other. Very good, I'm glad to see my trust in you is not misplaced. Good luck, Diego.”
    Thank you, my friend. But I won't need luck.”

    As Boreas dodged and parried Ice Beams, he remembered another cave much like this one, except blazing hot and filled with flames rather than ice-cold. He had been just a little Eevee cub at the time, fighting in terror against the infinitely more powerful pokémon of Sage Rood who were trying to burn him to a crisp. He looked up at the ceiling and grinned slyly.
    He parried a few more Ice Beams as his opponent followed him into the higher part of the cave, but kept retreating to lure his opponent right where he wanted her. She began creating another Blizzard, so Boreas used Ice Beam on a point seven metres above her, hitting a big icicle that hung from the roof. Boreas sprinted to his opponent as it fell. The impact interrupted her Blizzard and dissipated it immediately, so Boreas had a chance to pounce her.
    He scratched and bit at his opponent, determined not to give her even a single moment to counter-attack him. But she still managed to, hitting him with an Ice Beam that felt like a knife of ice carving into his flesh. Powerful, ice-cold winds blew around them as they struggled. Boreas tried to control the air around them, because his opponent was trying to make another Blizzard. They fought both physically and using their icy powers, but while Boreas was at the moment at an advantage in the physical fight, he was rapidly losing control of the air around them, which blew faster and colder and attacked him. He grabbed his opponent and jumped back, letting her go right where he had stood before as he jumped out of the Blizzard, while at the same time suddenly turning his own control of the winds around, intensifying them instead of lulling them down, so his opponent was suddenly caught in the middle of her own Blizzard. She tried to calm the roaring snowstorm down, but while Boreas couldn't yet start one for himself, he could intensify it now that it was there. By the time his opponent managed to calm the Blizzard down, she was lying on the ground, covered in ice and shivering heavily. Brycen returned his Glaceon to her pokéball. “You have done-”
    At that moment, an explosion rocked Icirrus.
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