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    Hey there i just wanted to say i played through your demo and it was great! The story was very interesting, the areas were very lively, the characters felt alive and were very humorous at times. (the whooper made me laugh quite a few times ) It was a nice change from the original Pokemon style games and i find it amazing i could play such a game you made. As for things that need improvement i didn't find much really... but if you want nit picky stuff i had trouble going through doors at times and had to exit then go back at a certain angle to enter. (or maybe i'm just technically disabled going through doors ) Also when you show the art background over the screen at times if possible id make the picture a solid rather than have a transparency feel. (the birds or other characters were moving in the background through the image and it kind of distracted me) But honestly those are literally nit picky things i saw since i wanted to try to help even a little bit. Anyways overall this games great! Don't stop doing it as its really a great story and id be honored to play it through the end.
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