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Originally Posted by Fireworks View Post
Very good but on episode four many mistakes were made.
That are not good enough.
Spoilered for those who haven't seen it yet.
Teach Grunge the Water pulse you got from Karpman :P
He's Pokémaniac MARK so it's okay.

Also you should battle more trainers for experience. You missed out a double battle with a ginger called Ron and a green haired guy in that "Spring Carnival" place.
Those aren't mistakes, they are merely thing we didn't do because we didn't know about them/ are slow.

Eww... Who would want to battle with a ginger? :<

Originally Posted by Mr Cat Dog View Post
You guys need to tell me when you do more stuff like this so that I can be in with you cool kids. I especially love the new intro with a surfing Venusaur, although is it possible that the volume on that could be turned down (or the main volume turned up)? I keep having to adjust the volume accordingly... And the technical difficulties were a nice touch; adding a bit of drama to the whole thing. But, yeah: keep it up!

OH OH OH OH, can I nickname your next Pokemon? Whatever it is, you have to call it CatDog. :D
But that would ruin the surprise D:

Sure thing, I can turn down the volume a bit - The change in volume never bother bothered me but I guess I neglected how others would be hearing it. The technical difficulties may have been a 'nice touch' but I can assure you that they were never planned AND I CAN FIX SCRIPTS BETTER THAN THAT I SWEAR.

Sure, we'll find a cool Pokemon and name it after yours truly :3