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    Originally Posted by rbedsole View Post
    How do I write a script where a person stops the player on sight to give them an item and then a message is said? If you watch the video you will notice I moved the script boxes for prof. oak so he obviously won't come directly to the player so I need a script that will bring him to the player and have the player follow him to the lab as you can see in the picture following the yellow line
    You can't request for a script to be made for you but it was good that you ask "How" first. If you need to learn how to script you can learn from Diego's Scripting Tutorial for XSE. There should be sections for you to understand what to do.

    Originally Posted by wierddude22 View Post
    does anyone have a list of fanfares?
    I'm guessing you mean the sounds of the ROM, correct? Well there is a documentation of the sounds here.

    Originally Posted by Kaioken View Post
    Hey does anyone know where I can get recoloured Pokemon sprites such as the 'shadow' Lugia on Youtube, I've been looking for a while now, but all I can seem to find is hacked Trainer sprites which isn't really what I'm looking for.
    Well if you are looking specifically for the Shadow Lugia then you can find then anywhere on Google or DeviantArt like this.
    If you are trying to refer to "shiny" pokemon you can find many at The Spriter's Resource or also on Google.

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