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    By that, I mean, when you go straight towards the room(Without letting go of the up key) you can get past Ho-Oh without the even triggering(At least for me anyway, didn't want to replicate it.) For Sceptile, he wasn't that much of a problem. I just had to level them up a bit more maybe 2 or 3 more.

    I get what your saying about wanting to get to the storyline, but for me, when there was no objective necessary to attack the mons, I just thought the battles were kinda pointless and got bored with the parts. It sucks your not getting much feedback from this(Again those that posted, not counting any possible PM's) but the whole thing that attracted me with Pokemon is the fact you can catch and train them to make your team stronger. Without it, it's just eh... but you should be able to figure something out for that though.
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