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Hello, I'm new to competitive battles, so I hope I could win with my team. I made it on Pokemon Online.

@wide lens ;Modest
SpAttk:252 Sp:144 Def:52 SpDef:60
-Stealth Rock
-Thunder Wave
-Focus Blast
-Grass Knot

@wise glasses ;Modest
SpAttk:224 Spd: 172 SpDef:88 Def:24
-Air Cutter
-Ancient power

@wise glasses ;Modest
SpAttk:252 Spd:228 Def:20 SpDef:8
-Shadow Ball
-Wacuum Wave
-Shock Wave

These would be my Special Attackers. They are decent in strength and Gallade is the strongest of this portion of the team. I focused more on offenses than defenses but I gave them some defense EVs. Reason why they are Special is because they could learn so many Special moves, so I didn't want to waste their poetenal.

Tho Bisharp acts as a defensive Pokemon, she still has some power to take down another Pokemon.

Knuckles (Sawk)
@rocky helmet ;Adamant
Attk:252 Spd:156 SpDef:60 Def:40
-Karate Chop

Espio (Throh)
@rocky helmet ;Adamant
Attk:252 Sp:120 Def:136
-Stone edge
-Vital Throw
-Poison Jab

@muscle band ;Adamant
Attk:252 Spd:252 SpDef:4
-Rock Slide
-Brick Beak
-Low Sweep
-Faint Attack

And these are my Physical Attackers, they are the strongest Pokemon in the group and with so many great moves, I couldn't say no. Gothitelle is the strongest and the more skilled of the three.

Here I focused more on offensives and speed since Physical Attackers are rather slow.